Are you a serious blogger? Now you can earn money on FeedsFloor


What subject do you blog about? Fashionable socks, guerilla marketing, wi-fi, luxurious cars, watches from Switzerland, cleaning products, organic farming, forex trading? If you have a large number of followers or subscribers, you can now finally make even more money and be seen as the expert within your area.

An example of a professional blogger, who created a successful EXPO online at FeedsFloor was Group Mechanics with over 300,000 followers on Facebook. They created their first EXPO online and invited companies to exhibit and visitors. The result was 17 companies exhibiting 86 products and 1044 visitors signed up to discover CNC companies and chat with exhibitors during the LIVE EXPO.


How can you do the same for free?

1. Sign up and create your profile

Make sure your profile looks awesome with backlinks to your pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and blog. Only company profiles can host EXPOs online.


2. Create your EXPO online

It only takes 2 minutes to create your EXPO online. Make sure your feature image looks awesome. The difficult part is deciding which dates the EXPO should be LIVE (max 10 days), deciding the price an exhibitor should pay and actually inviting exhibitors and visitors to join the EXPO.


3. Invite companies to exhibit

Begin inviting companies within your area of expertise to exhibit at your online EXPO. If they need any help, they are always welcome to write to and our service team is ready to help. Once they have created a profile at FeedsFloor for free all they need to do is press on the exhibit button, and input credit card information. Then you as an host of the EXPO accept or decline exhibitors. Before the EXPO, exhibitors can be discovered by visitors through their profiles, and once the EXPO is LIVE, visitors and exhibitors can chat in real time.


4. Invite your followers to visit the EXPO

Your followers can visit the EXPO by signing up to FeedsFloor either as individual or company user. It is always free to visit an EXPO online. Once they have signed up, they merely have to press on VISIT and they will automatically receive notifications about the online EXPO. Before the EXPO is LIVE, visitors can discover exhibiting companies and their products and once the EXPO is LIVE, visitors can chat with any of the exhibiting companies.


Do you want to know more or need help write to, and we will help you in any way we can.