Trace Oxygen Analyzer Market increasing at a CAGR of ~ 6% during the forecast period 2019-2029

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A new market research report published by Future Market Insights on the trace oxygen analyzer market includes the global industry analysis 2014–2018 and opportunity assessment 2019–2029. The report analyses the trace oxygen analyzer market and provides critical insights for the forecast period 2019-2029. As per the findings of the report, the global trace oxygen analyzer market is projected to experience significant growth over the forecast period due to multiple driving factors.

The global trace oxygen analyzer market is predicted to be valued at ~ US$ 1,127 Mn in 2019, increasing at a CAGR of ~ 6% during the forecast period 2019-2029. This growth is majorly driven by the increasing usage of trace oxygen analyzers in rapidly expanding end-use industries such as pharmaceutical & healthcare, chemical & petrochemical, electronics, power generation, food & beverages, among others.

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Manufacturers operating in the global trace oxygen analyzer market are likely to invest resources in R&D activities to develop oxygen analyzers with enhanced functionalities and sensing technologies. As per the FMI analysis, growing demand for zirconia oxygen analyzers is expected to provide an impetus to the overall growth of the market.

Lucrative Growth Opportunities in South Asia

Regions such as East Asia and North America are expected to hold a prominent market share in terms of value. On the other hand, South Asia is likely to offer greater opportunities for stakeholders in trace oxygen analyser market, on the account of rapid expansion of chemical and power generation industries which significantly contribute to the GDP growth along with continued revolution of industries in countries such as India. Moreover, the regulations for environmental monitoring are increasing in South Asian countries, due to increasing pollution, especially in India. Therefore, the demand for trace oxygen analyzers is estimated to increase significantly during the forecast period.

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In recent years, the economic condition of South Asian countries has seen substantial improvement. In consequence, the analytical testing equipment manufacturing industry in South Asia is gaining significant and positive momentum, which is forecasted to increase the growth of the trace oxygen analyzer market in the region.

Chemical & Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical to Remain Key End-Use Industries

The global market of trace oxygen analyzer is segmented on the basis of product, portability, end-use, and regions such as North America, Latin America, Europe, South Asia, East Asia, Oceania, and Middle East & Africa. The FMI report also includes analysis of developing countries.

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Trace Oxygen Analyzer Market: Vendor Insights

The report highlights some of the prominent market players that hold a significant market share in the trace oxygen analyser market. Some of the key players in the global trace oxygen analyzer market include, Emerson Electric Co., AMETEK Inc., Yokogawa Electric Corporation, Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, Inc., HORIBA, Ltd., and Nova Analytical Systems.