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Sterilization Tunnel Market Significance & Overview

Sterilization tunnels are vials and ampoules washing and trayloading machines. Sterilization tunnel market is expected to witness growth in demand as vials and other pharmaceutical equipment are widely preferred for hygiene and safety purpose. Sterilization tunnel prevents microbial contamination and infections and finds application in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. These machines play crucial role in parenteral dosage systems. Proper sterilization tunnel system are essential for effective packaging of healthcare products.

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Various active participants in the pharmaceutical sterilization tunnel market are looking forward to reduce manufacturing cost. Also, their focus on producing machines with higher output performance. Furthermore, pharmaceutical sterilization tunnel are designed to compatible with both plastic and glass vials and ampoules. End user industry has a significant importance for players to sustain in the dynamic market.

Predominance of Ampoules & Vials to surge the demand for sterilization tunnels

The growth of pharmaceutical packaging in the recent years is creating high demand for sterilization tunnels in the near future. Vials are predominantly used in most of the countries for parenteral packaging applications that uses sterilizing systems for cleaning of vials. Also, increase in geriatric population suffering from several chronic diseases and lower cost of PFS compared to the hospitals are the prime factors driving the demand of sterilization tunnels. Most of the pharmaceutical company requires reliable, high quality sterilizing equipment that is fulfilled by the sterilization tunnels. Demand for sterilization tunnels have gained momentum in last 2-3 years due to several advantages offered by these products over conventional machines which is driving the market.

Moreover, with rapid advancements in the biologics and biosimilar market, demand for ampoules, vials washers are increasing that tends to boost the demand for sterilization tunnels in the market. There is huge growth opportunities for the new entrants in the sterilization tunnel market. There is huge growth potential for the new entrants in these economies to capture significant market share in early stages in emerging countries. In addition, packaging companies need to focus on supply chain distribution to create new market opportunities worldwide. Well-developed strategies such as outsourcing supply chain to third party distributors could help companies to identify loopholes and thus identify efficient transport routes.

Sterilization Tunnel Market: Regional Outlook

Europe sterilization tunnel market is anticipated to be in dominant position during forecast period, owing to developed pharmaceutical industry in the region. North America is estimated to closely follow the above trend. The sterilization tunnel market in U.S. to be leading position as compared to Canada. While talking of developing regions of Asia Pacific such as India and China, so they are estimated to grow at a healthy CAGR during the forecast period. It is also estimated that most of the tier 3 players in the sterilization tunnel are present in South & East Asia.

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Sterilization Tunnel Market: Key Players

Some of the manufacturers operating in the global sterilization tunnel market are as follows

  • PennTech Machinery Corporation
  • M/s Cleanair Systems & Devices
  • MMM Group