Orange Terpenes Market Dynamics, Forecast, Analysis and Supply Demand

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Global Orange Terpenes Market Introduction

Orange Terpenes are Colorless to pale yellow liquid extracted, from peels of citrus fruits, by vacuum distillation. It is totally biodegradable oil and is used in flavors and perfumery applications. Orange terpenes majorly consists of d-limonene, which has sweet, fruity, citrus, juicy, and orange fragrance. Orange terpenes can be considered under the class of essential oils and can be used as natural flavor or fragrance in various applications. Flavors and fragrances market is growing at a decent pace during last few years and is expected a high growth in coming years owing to the increasing population and rising spending power of the population in developing economies. Orange terpenes also finds applications in pest control as well as pharmaceutical industry. Increasing demand for bio based materials in aroma industry is also bolstering the growth of orange terpenes demand in developed and developing regions.

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Market Dynamics of Orange Terpenes Market

Increasing demand for bio degradable and natural chemicals

Orange terpenes are natural materials and are 100% biodegradable. It contains more than 90% of d-limonene. Increasing demand natural and ecofriendly materials in flavor and fragrance industry is driving the growth of orange terpenes demand. The sweet and fruity odor of orange terpenes is highly demanded from various personal care and home care applications. According to the biomaterial “3rd Annual Conference and Expo on Biomaterials”, the bio-based materials market is expected to register a significant growth rate, owing to the increasing number of funds & grants by government bodies globally, technological progression and rising demand for environmentally-safe products in industries. This is expected to support the growth of orange terpenes consumption in developed and emerging countries during the forecast period

Increasing regulations on materials used in cosmetics and personal care industry to push the use of natural ingredients 

Cosmetics and personal care industry is one of the highly regulated industry in the world. Stringent regulations on the personal care ingredients is pushing the demand for natural and bio-based ingredients. Orange terpenes demand are expected to get accelerated due to increasing regulations on personal care chemicals in developed and developing regions.

However, Most of the essential oils are gives a small quantity of oil after processing large amount of material. Also presence of synthetic materials as alternatives for the orange terpenes may restrict the potential growth of the orange terpenes market, during the forecast period.

Orange Terpenes market trends: Expansion, Joint Venture and Agreements

Key manufacturing companies of orange terpenes are focusing on the expansion of their capacities to meet the growing demand for orange terpenes from emerging countries. High growth in the demand for orange terpenes from Asian region is pushing agreements and contracts with the local players and consumer industrial players.

Orange Terpenes Market: Regional Outlook

Developed Economies are focusing on adaption of sustainable products in various applications ranging from personal care to food. Europe is a leading region in terms of consumption of orange terpenes, followed by North America. Asia Pacific leads the market in terms of production of orange terpenes, however it followed North America in terms of demand for the orange terpenes. Large Aerable land and increasing production of oranges in the regions is pushing the orange terpenes production in the region. Increasing demand for orange terpenes from North America and European countries is driving the exports from emerging Asian countries. Latin American market shows a comparatively smaller share in the overall orange terpenes demand. Middle East & Africa is expected to grow at a significant growth rate due to increasing investments in the emerging economies in the region.

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Global Orange Terpenes Market Participants         

Some of the market participants identified across the value chain of global Orange Terpenes market are:

  • Firmenich
  • Florida Chemical Company
  • Citrosuco North America, Inc.
  • Cutrale Citrus Juices USA, Inc.
  • Florachem Corporation
  • Citrus and Allied Essences, Ltd.
  • Ventos
  • Citrus Oleo
  • Givaudan Flavors Corporation
  • Flotek Industries, Inc.
  • Southern Gardens Citrus
  • Takasago International Corp.
  • De Monchy Aromatics
  • Tropicana Products, Inc.
  • Vigon International