Marine Boiler Burner Market Outlook 2019 Sales Revenue, Strategy to 2029

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Marine Boiler Burner Market: Overview

Marine boiler burner is a part of engine combustion system, installed at the front portion of marine boiler. Double block burner is more efficient as compared to single block burner owing to these burners are made for clean combustion. In marine the fuel is stored in double-bottom tanks from which it is drawn by a transfer pump up to settling tanks. Major components of marine boiler burner are motor, fan, pump, wires, among other.

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Increasing automation in boiler fuel burning technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, big data, and Internet of Things (IoT) technology is making more eco-friendly marine boiler burner which is augmented to fillip the overall value & volume of marine boiler burner sales in the next coming couple of years.

Marine Boiler Burner Market: Dynamics

Increasing vessels fleet coupled with technological advancement in the gas recirculation system is expected to drive the marine boiler burner market over the forecast period. Moreover, most of the marine boiler burner manufacturer are also focusing to improving fuel-to-air ratio, fuel distribution, and thermal load ratios in order to efficiently fuel burning which in turn is expected to accelerate the sale of marine boiler burner market over the slated time period.  

Compared to other equipment used for heating and burning applications in marine Boiler Burner are relatively easy to install. Their maintenance remains low-budgeted, even for large-scale manufacturers with flexible expenditure threshold. Moreover, new products being introduced in the global marine boiler burner market are becoming more compact, which is also foreseen provide positive impetus to the global marine boiler burner market over the stipulated time period.

Irrespective of its advantages, single block marine boiler burner is relatively low efficient as compared to double block burner, in turn, hamper the global growth of marine boiler burner market in the assessment period.

Marine boiler burner with low noise levels are being widely preferred. Likewise, key market participants have extended their product lines with inclusion of burners with low noise emission capabilities. Easy installation, low noise level and less mechanical framework are being viewed as key features of almost every marine boiler burner being sold in the global market. Furthermore, manufacturing of such marine boiler burner is becoming cost-effective, which makes them more economical with respect to price-to-power ratio.

Marine Boiler Burner Market: Segmentation

By Product Type, Marine Boiler Burner Market can be segmented as:

  • Single Block
  • Double Block

By Fuel Type, Marine Boiler Burner Market can be segmented as:

  • Gas Burner
  • Oil Burner
  • Dual Fuel Burner

By Capacity, Marine Boiler Burner Market can be segmented as:

  • Less than 1 MW
  • 1-10 MW
  • 10-20 MW
  • 20-30 MW
  • 30-40 MW
  • More than 40 MW

By Vessel Type, Marine Boiler Burner Market can be segmented as:

  • Oil and Chemical Tankers
  • General Cargo
  • Bulk Carriers
  • Container Ships
  • Offshore Vessels
  • Gas Carriers
  • Mega Yachts and Other Vessels
  • Passenger Ships and Ferries

Marine Boiler Burner Market: Regional Outlook

Western Europe is expected to grow with sizable share in the global marine boiler burner market owing to rising marine trade activities. Latin America are also projected to grow with significant growth rate owing to significant amount of goods transported through online which in turn rising the need of carriers of vessels is indirectly fillip the sales of marine boiler burner market over the slated time period.  Middle East & Africa region is projected to grow with addressable growth rate in the global marine boiler burner market due to increase in the figures for oil tankers and offshore vessels, which can be a prominent marine boiler burner market growth engine in te region over the stipulated time period. 

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Marine Boiler Burner Market: Key Participants

Global marine boiler burner market is characterized as consolidated owing to relatively less number of manufacturer of marine boiler burner. However, some of the market participants in the Marine Boiler Burner market identified across the value chain:

  • Weishaupt Group
  • SAACKE Group
  • Volcano Co., Ltd.
  • Oilon Group Oy
  • Burner Automation Rotterdam
  • Filter AS
  • CO.,LTD.
  • Zeeco, Inc.