Large Industrial Displays size and Key Trends in terms of volume and value

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As the billboard industry continues to face the heat of environmental regulations, the large industrial displays remain sought-after as they provide an effective means of communication. Furthermore, as industrial automation is gathering pace, high-performance large industrial displays are becoming a necessity for visibility of real-time data that drives productivity. Surging demand for human-machine interface devices to monitor manufacturing processes is likely to impart a new dimension to applications of large industrial displays. Design differentiation will remain a key focus area of manufacturers, aiming sales closure, which has initiated the entry of a series of new-age displays - flexible, foldable, and slimmer.

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It has been observed, recently, that slimmer large industrial displays beat their wider equivalents in terms of performance, resolution, and space consumption, which enhances their degree of marketability. As end users’ quest for optimizing manufacturing capabilities can be better met with slim-framed large industrial displays, their adoption is likely to remain high in key industries, such as automotive & transportation, and electrical & electronics. However, large industrial displays are likely to face the ‘battle of adoption’ from the latest breakthrough technology, i.e. screen-less displays and projectors. With massive energy demands of large industrial displays, it is highly likely that the ‘screen-less’ will pose strong competition to both, large displays and touchscreen displays

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