Eggshell Membrane Powder market : Trends, and Opportunity Analysis by Future Market Insights

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Market Introduction: Egg membrane powder is a reserve of various bioactive compounds with the high monetary and economic value which is extracted by the efficient separation of eggshell and membrane. Egg membrane powder is extracted from the eggshell, which contains a high amount of glycosaminoglycans and collagen, and known to stimulate healthy joints and decrease arthritic pain when ingested as a supplement. Egg membrane powder is primarily comprised of proteins, acids, and enzymes.  With the growing usage of bio-resources in the industry, protein-rich egg membrane powder has gained significant traction in the market in recent years. Various extraordinary properties of egg membrane powder are expected to influence the market performance across multiple applications area over the years. Egg membrane powder is used in numerous applications including, cosmetic, dermatological and Nutraceuticals amongst others. In supplement form, it is used to relieve stiffness and joint pains associated with osteoarthritis and supports gastrointestinal function. Furthermore, egg membrane powder is also used as a wound dressing to promote tissue healing. In cosmetic applications, it is used in powder and cream makeups due to the collagen and glycosaminoglycans presence, and prevent the formation of wrinkles.

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Egg Membrane Powder Market Dynamics: Rising demand for egg membrane powder in different end-use industries creates significant traction for the product in the global market. The demand is expected to grow continuously in the coming years. Egg membrane powder possesses a relatively long shelf life as compared to whole eggs. Egg membrane powder possesses various advantages over whole eggs such as no issue of breakage, easy shipping and transportation, low storage space requirements, and others. These factors coupled with the longer shelf life of egg membrane powder are expected to boost sales over the forecast period. Due to increasing concerns among government authorities, animal welfare committees, and food manufacturers regarding battery cage confinement promotes opposition for these production methods. Governmental bodies have passed law to disengage battery operated cage systems. Many egg producers are switching to cage-free systems as it offers better care to animals as compared to conventional systems. This is prompting farmers to adapt to cage-free systems in farms and increased the amount of egg membrane powder produced and used in the industrial sector. Global producers and suppliers are facing difficulty in competing with the domestic suppliers of egg membrane powder with regard to the production cost owing to the laws enforced by the government. Such factors are expected to hinder the egg membrane powder market growth in the coming years.

Egg Membrane Powder Market Segmentation: Egg membrane powder market can be segmented on the basis of product type and application type : On the basis of nature, egg membrane powder market can be segmented as Organic, Conventional; On the basis of application, egg membrane powder market can be segmented as Nutraceutical, Dermatological, Cosmetic, Food and Beverage, Others

Egg Membrane Powder Market: Regional Analysis – The increasingly visible trend towards dietetic nutrition in the global market also places egg membrane powder among the widely consumed egg products. Europe is estimated to account for the prominent share in the global egg membrane powder market. Apart from exports, a majority of powdered eggs and its products are consumed in the European Union market. European consumers are accustomed to high quality, safe, and nutritious products produced in the region. Rising demand for healthy bakery products across North America is estimated to drive the demand for egg membrane powder over the forecast period. Asia pacific is also projected to deliver significant opportunities in the market, owing to the high egg production in China, India and other developing countries.

Egg Membrane Powder Market: Market Players – Some of the key participants in the Egg membrane powder market recognized across the value chain include KnuGroup, Mitushi Biopharma, Eggbrane, Kewpie Corporation, Biova, LLC, Microcore Research Laboratories India Pvt. Ltd., Eggshell Membrane Technologies, LLC, Eggnovo SL, Ecovatec Solutions Inc.

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