Dicumyl Peroxide Market Extensive Growth Opportunities to be Witnessed by 2019 – 2029

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Dicumyl Peroxide Market: Introduction

Dicumyl peroxide belongs to the family of aromatic organic peroxides. Dicumyl peroxide is whitish or pale yellow coloured powder, which is insoluble in water. Dicumyl peroxide is generally synthesized by the reaction of cumyl hydroperoxide and cumyl alcohol or with methyl cumyl ether. Dicumyl peroxide is soluble in organic solvents and is sublimable in the presence of vacuum. Dicumyl peroxide is mainly used in the manufacturing process of elastomers and polymers. Dicumly peroxide has found various applications in polymer and rubber industry.Dicumyl peroxide is primarily used as cross linking agent polyethylene, silicone, acrylic, ethyl vinyl acetate resins as well as ethyl vinyl acetate foam sheets, shoe soles and polyethylene foams. Dicumyl peroxide is also used as an initiator for polymerization reaction in rubber industry, mainly for styrene polymerization. Dicumyl peroxide has also found its role as a curing agent and flame retardant in the field of plastic and polymers. Dicumyl peroxide is also used in the manufacturing of rubber seals, tires and hoses. Sometimes dicumyl peroxide is also used as a vulcanizing agent. Due to its toxic nature cumyl peroxide is categorized as a hazardous chemical by different governmental and non-governmental organizations.

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Dicumyl Peroxide Market: Dynamics

Rising automotive production and expanding automotive fleet size has increased the requirement of tires. The increasing tire production is thus anticipated have positive impact on the dicumyl peroxide market. A significant chunk of dicumyl peroxide consumption is expected to finds its place in the footwear industry thus augmenting the demand of dicumyl peroxide in a significant fashion. The rising energy concerns and stringent norms regarding insulation standards will drive the demand for wires and cable insulation, which in turn will boost the demand for dicumyl peroxide further. The advancement of polymer science along with the growth plastic & polymer industry is expected to provide future growth opportunities for the dicumyl peroxide market as a crucial aspect. On the flipside, regulations due the hazardous and flammable nature of dicumyl peroxide might act as restraining factor on its use thus restraining the market growth.

Dicumyl Peroxide Market: Regional Outlook

Over the years plastic & polymer production as well as rubber production has increased in the Asia Pacific region especially in the countries such as China & India. Rising automotive production, rapid industrialization, rising disposable are the important factors boosting the growth of plastic & polymer industry in Asia Pacific, owing to which Asia Pacific can be attributed as a prominent market for dicumyl peroxide. Predominance of tire manufacturers and significant presence of polymer industry will drive the demand for dicumyl peroxide in matured economies such as North America and Europe. However the rising number of stringent government regulations in Europe and North America will be the cause of concern for the cumyl hydroperoxide market growth. Increasing automotive production and rise plastic and rubber production is expected to make LAMEA a potential market for dicumyl peroxide.

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Dicumyl Peroxide Market: Key Participants

Some of the key participants identified in the global dicumyl peroxide market are:

Arkema Group, Dongsung Corporation, PERGAN GmbH, Sundow Polymers Co., Ltd, Greenchemicals SpA, Taicang Plastic Additives Factory Co., Ltd., Shandong Rui Huang Chemical Co., Ltd., Monomer-Polymer & Dajac Laboratories Inc., Sinopec Shanghai Gaoqiao Petrochemical Corporation and Shandong Rui Huang Chemical Co., Ltd among others.