Cardiopulmonary Autotransfusion Devices market Analysis by Growth Application, Segmentation and Forecast to 2026


Autotransfusion is also known as intraoperative blood salvage. It is a process in which blood is collected from active bleeding site of patient and rein fused into the same patient during cardiac surgery. Several commercial autotransfusion devices are available in market. There are three types of autotransfusion system namely; continuous flow centrifugal system, discontinuous flow centrifugal system and unwashed blood filter system. The unwashed blood filter system for autotransfusion is more popular than other systems because it is inexpensive system and easy to use. This technology had led to increased use of centrifugation devices for blood collection.

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During cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) blood is collected from patient active bleeding site by the help of suckers in different ways. This blood is collected in cardiotomy reservoir and it is filtered in this reservoir. Then this blood is redirected to venous reservoir where it is oxygenated and finally it is returned to patient body.

Autotransfusion involves the collection of blood before surgeries and its transfusion during cardiac. The increasing prevalence of cardiac diseases has led to rise in cardiac surgeries which has propelled the cardiopulmonary autotransfusion market globally. According to the American Heart Association, globally over 80 million people suffer from heart health problems. This is occurring due to change in life style of people and consumption of high amount of fats and sugar. The complication in allogenic blood transfusion which results in significant loss of blood during cardiac surgery has led to the rise in demand for cardiopulmonary autotransfusion systems. Beside that innovation in the autotransfusion system due to advancement in technology has also boosted the global market of cardiopulmonary autotransfusion devices. Lack of availability of skilled professional for operating cardiopulmonary autotransfusion devices can restrain the growth of this market.

The global market of cardiopulmonary autotransfusion devices is segmented on the basis product, end users and geography

  • Segmentation by Product
    • On-pump transfusion device
    • Off- pump transfusion device
  • Segmentation by End User
    • Hospitals
    • Ambulatory Surgical Center
    • Cardiac Research Centers
  • Segmentation by Geography
    • North America
    • Latin America
    • Europe
    • Asia Pacific
    • Middle East and Africa

The global cardiopulmonary autotransfusion devices market is expected to show significant growth over the forecast period. In 2015, World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that cardiac disorder accounted for around 450,000 deaths in the U.S. each year. This factor is considered as the world leading factor for death. This has impelled both government and research institution to focus on innovation of cardiopulmonary autotransfusion devices for betterment of heart health among citizens.

Based on product type cardiopulmonary devices market has been segmented as on- pump transfusion and off-pump transfusion. On pump transfusion is expected to hold maximum share in pulmonary auto transfusion market. Based on end user, the global cardiopulmonary autotransfusion market has been classified as hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers and cardiac research centers. Hospitals end user segment is expected to hold maximum share in the global market owing to requirement of advanced healthcare infrastructure for the cardiac surgery.

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On the basis of region, global cardio pulmonary devices market is segmented into five key regions viz. North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. North America will continue to dominate the global cardiopulmonary autotransfusion market due to high incidence of the cardiac diseases.  North America market is followed by Europe. In Asia Pacific region India and China is expected to show high growth due to increasing investment in the auto transfusion market.

Some of the key players of cardiopulmonary autotransfusion market are Fresenius Kabi, Haemonetics, LivaNova, Medtronic, Terumo Corporation, Stryker and Atrium Medical.