What is All Geared Lathe Machine and their essential components?


All Geared Lathe Machine

What is All Geared Lathe Machines? Well, the all geared lathe machine is mainly used for executing various metal shaping tasks in different industries. Also, they have a gearbox with lead screw and feed shaft that increases its machining capacity. And, the wide range of all geared lathe machines includes light-duty, medium-duty, heavy-duty and extra heavy duty. Plus, a light-duty lathe is used for low volume metal shaping tasks in tool rooms, while the medium and heavy duty lathe machines are mostly preferred for bulk metal forming industrial applications.
We at Surelia Industries is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers of a wide customer range of all types of All geared Lathe machine with high quality. And, our all geared lathes can execute turn end faces on cylindrical surfaces, or drill internal holes on different parts, as well as produce metric, inch, module, as well as pitch threads.
Moreover, some of the basic components as found in the modern all geared lathe machine tools are as follows:
1. Bed
This component refers to the base or bottom part of the lathe machine on which various working parts of the lathe including the headstock, tailstock, spindle, carriage slide and much more are placed. Well, just as in any lathe machine, even in all geared lathe, it is the bed of the machine which speaks about its quality.
2. Headstock
Secondly, Headstock is one of the most important components of all geared lathe machine that carries spindle and the mechanism to drive this spindle. And, an all geared headstock is more complicated than an ordinary belt-driven headstock. Also, the gears of an all geared lathe are similar to the gears of an automobile except that these have more gear shifting combinations that enable more changes in speed to be done. Thus, you can adjust your lathe for variant speeds.
3. Headstock Spindle
This is an element of the lathe which is responsible for the cutting tasks of the machine. And, it is this part that drives the workpiece against the cutting tool as well as even drives the carriage that inserts the cutting tool into the workpiece.
4. Tailstock
Moreover, the tailstock is a part of the lathe where the drills, reamers, and drill chucks are held. And, it is this place on the machine that the dead center carrying another end of the workpiece. Also, this can move along the length of the bed to accommodate a workpiece of different lengths.
5. Carriage
Next, Carriage is the component which homes the cutting tool responsible for the cutting of the workpiece. And, it carries the crossfeed slide and the compound rest which holds this cutting tool. Also, Carriage moves along the length of the bed for performing the cutting operation.