Chloroacetophenone Market Outlook 2019: Business overview, Industry insights, Upcoming trends and Top company analysis forecast by 2029

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Chloroacetophenone Market: Introduction

Chloroacetophenone is also known as phenacyl chloride and was discovered by German scientists in 1870. However, the compound was not developed to be put into scientific uses until 1877. The United States was the first nation which passed a resolution in 1923 to make use of the compound for law enforcement across the country.  Chloroacetophenone is a substituted acetophenone and an important building block in organic chemistry. Chloroacetophenone is synthesized by the Friedel-Crafts acylation of benzene by using chloroacetyl chloride in the presence of aluminum chloride as a catalyst. Chloroacetophenone usually exists in the solid form but has the ability to be converted into an aerosol agent. The compound in its purest form exists as a solid crystalline material which is white in color. The compound resembles sugar and salt in appearance. The usage of chloroacetophenone is either in the form of fine dust or in the form of an aerosol.

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The primary use of chloroacetophenone is in the manufacture of tearing agents, pepper sprays and smoking agents (such as smoke bombs). Chloroacetophenone is known to be an irritant and accidental contact with the compound without protective gear can result in irritation of the eyes, skin or respiratory tract. Ingestion of the compound can also result in pain and discomfort in the abdominal region. Inhalation of chloroacetophenone can lead to lung infection, tightness of the chest, vomiting, nausea, etc.

Chloroacetophenone Market: Market Dynamics

Chloroacetophenone finds widespread application in the riot control segment which falls under the ambit of regional security. Smoke bombs and tear gas are commonly used to control riot outbreaks and make groups to disperse. The high incidence of riot outbreaks happening across the globe has been responsible for sustained demand and consumption of the chloroacetophenone market.

The major factor which is deterring the growth of the chloroacetophenone market is the highly hazardous nature of the compound. Chloroacetophenone, when bought in contact with the atmosphere, may, in certain conditions, chemically react with the atmospheric gases and produce hydrogen which is highly inflammable. Further, the ill effects of chloroacetophenone on human well-being are also inhibiting the growth of the chloroacetophenone market.

Chloroacetophenone Market: Regional Outlook

On the regional front, Chloroacetophenone has been widely used in the gulf countries as well as in South-East Asia. The use of tear gas has also been quite evident in riot prone areas of African nations. Chloroacetophenone has also found its share of application in pesticides in agrarian countries in South East Asia. Hence, chloroacetophenone is expected to find a major share of its consumption in regions of Asia, Africa and Latin America. However, countries such as the US, UK and Canada have passed resolutions recently to prevent the use of tear gas and other anti-riot chemicals due to the harmful effects of chloroacetophenone on human health as well as the environment which will adversely impact the market for chloroacetophenone in the region.

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Chloroacetophenone Market: Key Market Participants

Some of the key market participants in the global Chloroacetophenone market are:

  • Merck KGaA (formerly Sigma-Aldrich)
  • Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.
  • Lianyungang Guangda Chemical Co. Ltd.
  • Taj Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Tokyo Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.
  • Val Organics Pvt. Ltd.
  • SDI Group
  • Capot Chemical Co. Ltd.
  • Clarion Drug Ltd.
  • Neuchatel Chemie Specialities