Commercial plywood

Brand of raw materials are from the States, Russia, Myanmar, Thailand, Africa's top wood base import of precious wood such as oak, red oak, maple, birch, cherry, Fraxinus mandshurica, teak, black walnut, Shabili. They come from primeval forest wood base reserve, rich in high quality tree species of subtropical natural environment grow to enjoy the abundant sunshine and rain, enjoy a mild climate, without any modern pollution. (description of the environment in the subtropical environment, such as the United States, Russia, Africa, etc.)

In this condition, the production of wood, natural, texture, a strange and beautiful texture, is the production of first-class board of the best raw materials.
Brand selection of raw materials, need to be in the volume of wood, wood texture, wood texture, wood growth environment for the strict inspection. From the first step in the selection of the best, only to ensure the quality of the brand excellence.