Lewis & Matthews, P.C. Uses a Unique Case Management System

Lewis & Matthews, P.C., a premier family law firm, utilizes a well-developed management system to make processes faster and give clients better chances to achieve favorable results.


[DENVER, 12/10/2015] – Lewis & Matthews, P.C., a premier family law firm in Colorado, shuns away from the standard family law firm notion. They utilize a remarkable communication process and a highly efficient case management system to provide clients several unique advantages no other firms can offer.

Everything starts with a consultation. As the firm aims not to discourage people from calling in, their consultation services are free of charge. This allows potential clients to step forward and have a chance to ask competent family law attorneys legal questions or seek valuable counseling about their issues.

Using a Faster Management System

To make things more convenient for clients, Lewis & Matthews, P.C. introduces the QuickTrack. This case management system is a series of tools and processes that keep the client’s case organized, moving through the court system as promptly as possible.

The Denver-based family law firm gives clients a custom case tracking tool to help keep their documents organized. To move the case faster, they schedule a weekly meeting (or virtual meeting for those with a busy schedule) to discuss any progress. Plus, named partner Jennifer Lewis personally tracks every case.

Introducing the Dual Mutual Release

Furthermore, Lewis & Matthews, P.C. takes a 360-degree view of each case. This enables them to vitally improve the chances of success and decrease the emotional stress the case may cause to all parties involved. In line with this revolutionary case management system, their holistic approach also makes sure clients receive favorable results. They are the only firm that uses the Dual Mutual Release.

This Dual Mutual Release approach allows the family law attorneys to work closely with the client’s therapists (if there is any). With this approach, there are better chances to achieve the best results possible.

About Lewis & Matthews, P.C.

Lewis & Matthews, P.C. is a leading law firm based in Colorado that focuses on family-related legal matters. They have a diverse team with experience in the practice that aims to help people move forward with their lives. These lawyers assist clients through a series of legal processes, including pre- and post-nuptial agreements, petitions for divorce, child custody arrangements and appeals, and property division settlements. Lewis & Matthews, P.C. is a reliable partner in every step of the way, exerting all efforts to deliver favorable results as efficiently as possible.

To know more about Lewis & Matthews, P.C., interested clients may visit http://matthewsfamilylawyers.com.