Lectro Sandwitch Bus Duct

Lectro Sandwitch Bus Duct

Building on a solid foundation of advanced products, Lectro is recognized with quality and consistent performance.

For more than two decades, Lectro Bar has continued to serve the Busduct industry and will continue to serve it well into the future.

Busduct requiring long life should be backed up by a long record of past achievements. As Lectro Bar has more than 30 years record, do not hesitate to specify Lectro Bar when you need busducts.

Lectro Bar delivers impressive features and benefits that make it ideal for many types of industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Lectro Sandwich Busduct (LSB) gives you all the qualities you need in a high performance Busduct system.

LSB is a non ventilated design available from 300A up to 6400A.

LSB is the most versatile, compact Busduct design we have ever offered. It installs with minimum hardware and often costs less than cable and conduit installations.