Continental Towers

Continental Towers - Kasr El Salam Co. Continental Towers- Kasr El Salam Co. Continental Towers- Kasr El Salam Co. Continental Towers- Kasr El Salam Co. Continental Towers- Kasr El Salam Co.

The Most Beautiful Architectural Design Award For the lovers of classic design and originality, we have designed ( continental towers) on the French baroque style to serve as a museum of classic constructions, built on the land of the beautiful Alexandria which was the crucible where eastern and western cultures blended. Specifically in smouha which was designed by joseph smouha to become the sophisticated district he wished for. It was chosen by the last king of Italy ( victor Emmanuel )to spend his last days. One of the largest squares was named after him and when fawzy moaz street derived from it later on , it become the strategic spot where banks and corporations competed to reserve their places on this prestigious street.

More than 22000 architectural detail

Kasr el Salam has chosen this special site to construct an edifice to compete to with the classic beauties, designed by European architects a century ago on the land of Alexandria, capital of arts and creativity.

Continental towers & Abdeen palace the legend

When Ismail Khedive of Egypt , dreamed of building a legendary Abdeen palace on the French style , no one believed it could be possible , but he was determined on achieving his goal and indeed he assigned Engineer Lio Rosso to finish his palace. Finally, the legendary wonder was finished in 1872.

The palace of Abdeen was considered to be Egypt's throne, Where political conspiracies were woven. Kings and leaders followed and the palace replete with legends and stories from a lost world and within its walls, events that changed history took place.

Abdeen remained to be the dream and the legend.

Continental towers achieved the dream.

If the palace of Abdeen replete with hundreds of legends and tales, then we dreamed of the architectural challenges and that was the dream (continental towers).
It was our dream to compete with the legend.

Continental towers is our dream. Depending on our planning, determination & hard work we fulfilled our architectural dream and we leave it to you and history to judge.


Kasr El Salam