Real Estate Auction House

ISTİHALE are the leading Innovators in bringing a brand new dimension to the Real Estate Sector in Turkey by creating the 1st and only Public Auction House that bring you highly sought after premium Properties within Turkey.

Buying and Selling Real Estate via the Auction process has been an active, efficient, safe and highly successful method of property sales for over 30+ years in the United Kingdom. Our dynamic, hardworking and creative team at Istihale have now founded and introduced the concept of buying Real Estate within an Auction Process to Turkey. 

ISTİHALE leads the way in bringing together those who want to buy, invest or sell their property on a common platform, whereupon Real Estate Investors, Individual Buyers and Property Developers can all alike, take advantage of buying and selling within the transparent and fair Auction process .


Do you want to sell your house? Or perhaps you are looking to buy a new property to call your home or simply make a financial investment in…Then choose ISTIHALE, who has brought a fast, groundbreaking and lucratıve new property commerce system to Turkey.

ISTİHALE have unrivalled knowledge in the Real Estate market with a team with vast experience in all sectors and aspects of real estate including sales, developments, property trading laws and financial investments. 

The auction system is carried out under the leadership of our trusted team of real estate specialists, to supervise everything we do and ensure you peace of mind that all trading is within Turkish legal boundaries.

Property trading has now become more transparent, whilst becoming additionally profitable for sellers, as well as more advantageous for buyers in Turkey with our Auction system.

By the means of an open competition at the auction hall, the selling of a property to the buyer, who can allocate their maximum offer per property on the given day is completely safeguarded, whereupon the property finds its true value from all the competitive bids that are collected by all interested buyers on the day of auction sale.

Also the Seller is 100% safeguarded by setting their minimum acceptable price for the property they would like us to sell, so there are no hidden surprises or losses for either party.

This provides a sales transparency and efficiency that is nowhere to be found in the usual private sales sector of the current Real Estate processes within Turkey.

With years of experience in the Auction Process and Real Estate Sector, ISTIHALE spans a wide marketing and network coverage, not only in Turkey, but across Europe and the Middle East, and is unique within its field, thanks to Istihale's multinational structure and cross-continental experience.

ISTİHALE have a very strategic and innovative approach with its remarkably efficient, confident and dependable team, continuing  to set and raise the sector standards in the highly competitive and evolving Real Estate Market of Turkey.

Rest assured with ISTIHALE, you will get the upmost marketing exposure and can take full advantage of the Turkeys 1st and Only Public Auction System in the Real Estate Sector.