Highway Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

From the participation in drafting ETC national standards, to the realization of national online ETC operation, Genvict has been advancing and leading the development of ETC as well as the industry.

Genvict, with years of in-depth research in the highway industry application, can provide clients in the highway industry with a range of system solutions and core equipment such as a national highway online ETC system, standard van ETC system, mixed ETC and MTC system, so as to increase highway passing efficiency, mitigate traffic congestion and construct a smart and green traffic environment.


Highway Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) System

The highway ETC online system of Genvict is tailored to meet the specific ETC lane condition after the national operation of online ETC. With a phased array positioning antenna, the system captures the position of the OBU entering the lane in real time and in 2D coordinate; in addition, through advanced software wireless technology and optimal beam forming technology, its capability of identifying low-quality weak signals is improved and its compatibility with OBU device is enhanced, thus increasing the one-off transaction success rate, shortening transaction time, increasing passing efficiency and ensuring the smooth operation in ETC lanes.


Mixed ETC and MTC System

Genvict has launched Mixed ETC and MTC system for small highway toll stations. This system, by installing 3-frequency read-and-write identifier at the rear end of the MTC toll booth, can automatically identify the type of vehicle entering the specified lane, thus realizing the non-stop passing of ETC vehicles and the card-wiping passing of MTC vehicles.

The mixed ETC and MTC system, not only improves ETC lane coverage but also significantly reduces the cost for the ETC lane construction, thus effectively increasing the utilization of highway resources.


Standard Van ETC System

The standard van ETC system, launched by Genvict, not only can improve the passing efficiency of vans, mitigate the congestion in highway toll stations, and increase the economic benefit of highways in a whole, but also enables cash-free driving, thus paving the way for the development of van finance.