XiMAD Announces Best-Selling Game App Juminja for Blackberry Devices at Discounted Price

San Francisco, CA, March 20, 2014 - XiMAD, a leader in the entertainment and IP creation sector, announces the immediate availability of one of its best-selling game apps Juminja at Blackberry's AppWorld store. The announcement also indicated that the price of the game has been reduced by 50% from its regular pricing as a token of appreciation to the blackberry user community.

Juminja is a game app aimed at gamers and causal Blackberry entertainment users looking for an action-adventure puzzle game. The game offers playing mechanics similar to that of classic games like Zuma but with a much richer user experience. Players of the game will be enticed from Juminja's gorgeous graphics and sounds supported by a life-like story line, and reflected in different designs at its variety of locations while enjoying original musical pieces in the background.

The aim of this extraordinary vivid and challenging puzzle from XiMAD creative developers is to destroy a chain of little, and very cute, colored ninjas slowly working their way along a winding path in the game screen. The player has the ability to shoot at the slowly moving chain from a cannon loaded with colored ninjas in order to match at least three of the same color in order to destroy them. The player is rewarded points every time the little ninjas are destroyed and the chain shortens. The ultimate purpose of the game is to eliminate the chain. While the basis are simple, as the game progresses, players are treated to faster moving chains and added colors making the task of matching and destroying a more challenging and engaging experience.

The game can be purchased directly from Blackberry's AppWorld store at http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/56224 . Video information about the game can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r20mg1-OCqs

About XiMAD
XIMAD, Inc is an entertainment and IP creation company developing a broad range of digital entertainment products, which include mobile games, books, films, and other forms of digital media. Founded by San Francisco based entrepreneurs in late 2009, XIMAD and its outsourcing partner, XIM, Inc has been able to assemble a rather unique team of world-class creative and engineering talents with a goal of bringing to life revolutionary concepts and ideas and to redefine conventional mobile gaming and reading as it exists today. To accomplish this goal, XIMAD employs talented and committed artists, extraordinary programmers, super creative designers and illustrators and crème de la crème of other professions drawn from all over the world. XIMAD team is committed to creating a unique company by combining the classical art and science with cutting edge interactive entertainment techniques and technologies. For additional information about XiMAD, visit www.ximad.com or call (415) 222-9909

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