UK Health Radio Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Help Deliver Its Health and Wellness Vision

London, UK, April 07, 2014 - UK Health Radio is a relatively new Internet radio station - 100% independent and the first of its kind outside the US. As the name suggests, they are UK-based and they focus primarily on health and wellness.

Not just for the health professional, they also inform, educate and entertain those who think and care about their health, those who wish to receive comprehensive information and people open-minded to new ideas.

Because this is an Internet-based medium, their 'reach' is global. So, their programming is not just national, but international in style. Their commitment is towards world-class excellence, abhorring parochial prejudice or 'little Englander' narrow-mindedness.

24 hours a day, every day, UKHR broadcasts programmes primarily for health-conscious adults, as well as progressive healthcare professionals. Anyone with a computer, a tablet, a smart-phone or a new generation car radio can tune in to UKHR, any time, anywhere. The potential could therefore be measured in billions. Being realistic, their audience could one day be millions. Their mission is to create a global community of better informed people and to provide the professionals who serve them with a new forum for evidence-based ideas on best practice.

Right now, UK Health Radio has the weekly shows, the monthly health and wellness e-magazine (Health Triangle Magazine) and a great group of health experts regularly sharing their knowledge. Very soon, they want to produce more of their own original broadcast-quality material on a daily basis, including live shows. To do this, they need to set up their own new studio. Financial access to the tools and services is where the mainstream commercial stations out-gun new independents like UK Health Radio.

UK Health Radio seek £200,000 to cover their development expenses such as setting up the office and studio for live radio. This will also:

create new job and broadcast training or apprenticeship opportunities
build up their team of experts and developing their broadcasting talents
improve their research; and
give listeners/readers higher quality information, daily.

John Hicks, Station Director of UK Health Radio said: "There is global interest in what we are doing. My own talk radio show ('The Health Kicks Show') is already syndicated to local radio stations worldwide and we are working with enthusiastic people interested in using our model (and some of our content) to create health and radio stations for India, Australia and Africa."

"As an official media partner to a range of important health and wellness organisations, events and charities - ranging from the Medical Advisory Service to The Pharmacy Show - and around 100,000 followers on Twitter, we have laid the foundations for a wonderful opportunity to help people." John added.

This campaign will receive all funds raised even if it does not reach its goal. Funding duration: March 16, 2014 - April 30, 2014.

Now you can make a difference! Be "one in a million" - find out how at the Indiegogo page:

Press Contact:
Johann Ilgenfritz
UK Health Radio
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