smartBandStand Swiss Army Knife for Smartphones

Ballintogher, Ireland, April 03, 2014 - This is a tool.

Smartphones get a lot of use these days, and these uses keep expanding. The gang at smartBandStand have designed the world's first smartphone armband which allows full access to the touchscreen WHILE the device is being worn. When it's not being worn, the smartBandStand converts into a multi-adjustable stand with a tilt-screen feature.

Loads of these things done with smartphones, like watching films or making videos, require it to be held it up in front of the person - or else they must find a place to lean it. If it is used for viewing the news or reading recipes in the kitchen, it ends up propped somewhere inconvenient, liable to slip or fall.

Taking the train, plane or bus, arms get tired trying to hold the smartphone up at the right viewing distance and angle, especially if there's a coffee in the other hand, and a sandwich on the lap. It would be better to be able to hang the phone off the seat in front, or make it stay on an arm or knee.

How about when making videos or "selfies"? An adjustable stand would be very handy.

Trying to get dinner on the table? An impatient three-year-old? Imagine putting Bugs Bunny on the phone, on the table, in a secure stand where little eyes can see it, but little hands won't drop it on the floor. Peace.

Older kids might use their smartphone for online music lessons. A smartBandStand frees their hands for making music.

Driving a car or a truck with no hands-free kit? No SatNav? The smartBandStand will stay on the dashboard, or hang from the AC vent.


Out hunting or fishing there is the danger of dropping it in water or mud while trying to dig it out of a jacket pocket with cold or wet hands.

By the way, where should it go when we have no pockets - like when out jogging, or working in the garden in warm weather?

People have devised smartphone stands already, and people have devised smartphone armbands, too. What if we could combine these in one device?

Smartwatches have come on the scene, and can be used hands-free, but a smartwatch isn't the same as having your smartphone!

Why has nobody made a carrying band which will let people use their phone while it's on their arm or wrist?

If they did, there would be no need to consider a smartwatch, or one of those neoprene rubber-strap arm pockets (which make it very hard to get the phone out when it rings).

Why has nobody made a good-looking, tough-as-nails, properly-designed all-in-one device to help people with their smartphones in almost any situation?

Helping to make videos, take pictures, watch stuff, read stuff? With quickly interchangeable urban or outdoor cases?

Why has nobody devised a stand/armband which lets people detach or replace the smartphone in one simple movement, instead of needing to pull it from a neoprene pocket, or unhook it from clips, clamps, screws, or rubber arms?

Meet the smartBandStand

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