smartBandStand Multi-Purpose Smartphone Helper Now Compatible With All Leading Makes of Smartphone Protective Cases

Ballintogher, Ireland, April 09, 2014 - Ongoing market research conducted during smartBandStand's current Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign has shown that a small but noticeable percentage of potential buyers are loathe to part with protective cases which have in some instances set them back over $50.

Hitherto, anyone buying smartBandStand's innovative combination stand/armband was required to use the special case designed by smartBandStand in order to allow their smartphone to "clip-on" to the smartBandStand.


As of today, anyone pre-ordering a smartBandStand via Indiegogo will be offered the option of a smartBandStand Button, which will allow owners' current protective cases to be used in conjunction with the smartBandStand multi-purpose mounting device.

Company director Brian Halpin said "We understand some users' fondness for their current protective case. At the moment we are offering two different case styles - slimline and impact rubber - but we appreciate that some potential smartBandStand buyers have already made a substantial investment in specialist waterproof outdoor cases. This is why we are offering our new smartBandStand Button - we want everyone possible to be able to use our great device!"

He went on to note, however, "Ongoing company R & D is expected to result in our unveiling later this year of our smartLocker, which we believe will set a new industry benchmark for smartphone protection. And yes, it will of course be compatible with our smartBandStand!"

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