smartBandStand Making Smartphones Kid Proof

Ballintogher, Ireland, April 03, 2014 - This is a tool for parents and kids.

Smartphones get a lot of use these days, and these uses keep growing.

The gang at smartBandStand has designed the world's first smartphone armband which allows full access to the touchscreen WHILE the device is being worn - but when it's not being worn, the smartBandStand converts into a multi-adjustable hanger/stand with a tilt-screen feature.

Loads of the things kids do with smartphones, like watching cartoons, require it to be held it up in front of them - or else they must find a place to lean it. When young arms get tired, the smartphone ends up propped somewhere inconvenient, liable to slip or fall. Replacement screens are not cheap!


Trying to get dinner on the table? An impatient five-year-old? Imagine putting Bugs Bunny on the phone, on the table, in a secure stand where little eyes can watch it, but little hands won't drop it on the floor. Peace.

Older kids can use their smartphone for online music lessons. A smartBandStand frees their hands for making music.

The multi-adjustable legs on the smartBandStand also allow it to be hung from the back of car seats, on the arm of chairs - the possibilities are endless.

Meet the smartBandStand Pre-order at Indiegogo

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