Proud to be Boise Based and Follow Footsteps of Past Tech Start Up Successes

Boise, ID, October 29, 2014 - The Idaho Statesman recently highlighted tech companies that started up in Boise. Proskriptive's co-founder, Michael Hollenbeck, was one of those named in the article as a ProClarity alum that "devoted money or talents to launching new Valley startups." For those not familiar with ProClarity, it was a Business Intelligence company sold to Microsoft in 2006.

In founding Proskriptive, Hollenbeck is proud to build a company based in his hometown. "The people of Boise really value their community, health and outdoor lifestyle. City and local business leaders couldn't be more supportive and best of all it's is a great place to live and play as well as a great setting for a start-up," said Hollenbeck.

Prescriptive analytics synergistically joins together information, business rules and scientific models, and in healthcare, it can be utilized for strategic planning by leveraging operational and user information consolidated with information from external sources like financial information, population demographic trends and health trends.

Prescriptive analytics is the latest "big data" frontier. It inspects past and current information and goes above & beyond to prescribe an approach and to show likely conclusions of that course. Applied to individuals, prescriptive analysis can monitor the patients at risk and provide them quicker care. Applied to clinics and healthcare systems, it can help plan future business models.

The healthcare industry is experiencing critical changes and challenges, whether determined by cost pressures, competition, or new regulations. Proskriptive utilizes advanced technology, expert services, and impactful solutions to help healthcare providers and payers settle on the right choices, as well as gain competitive benefits.

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Based in Boise, Idaho Proskriptive utilizes advanced analytics, offers expert services, and develops impactful solutions that identify hidden opportunities within an entire population, to enable better population care and more efficient management of healthcare resources.
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