Plushkies adds new countries to its plush toy collection to help international kids with separation anxiety issues

Austin, TX, June 12, 2014 - Plushkies LLC, the Austin (Texas) based educational toy company who introduced plush toys in the shape of countries to aid to "Raise Global Children", has announced the release of 7 new country toy designs to help alleviate the effects of international travel kids experiencing separation anxiety problems.

When a child -or parent- moves to a new country, the child is susceptible from experiencing separation anxiety, adaptation problems or miss contact with relatives left behind in home countries.

For kids to blossom as global citizens in their new countries they first need to feel at ease in their new home and in touch with their own identity. This can be accomplished by providing the child with games and activities that promote these goals. Toys are the most common and direct way to influence behavior in kids.


Plushkies' plush toys promote countries – they are shaped like the country they represent – and provide kids with a playful environment in which to learn about a country's culture and traditions so children can relate to that particular new geography in a more positive and reassuring manner.

For children away from their home country, Plushkies provide a comforting point of reference for kids that feels familiar and secure while they are immersed in their new country's environment. Providing this type of connection is very important for maintaining a kid's sense of identity.

Ricardo Jimenez, Co-Founder and CEO of Plushkies, explains there are multiple products and books in the market to help kids with separation and adaptation problems but none of them are purposefully built around the specific needs of an international child.

Plushkies toys lineup currently has 4 country models –US, Italy, China and Mexico. Recognizing Plushkies can help kids in more countries, the company has designed models for Spain, France, Germany, Australia, Brazil, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Singapore.

The company's manufacturer is ready to start production of the new designs as soon as the decision on the right strategic distribution partners is completed.

The company's expanding product line includes amongst other products:

4 Plushkies: Katie (USA), Fabio (Italy), Mei Mei (China) and Pepe (Mexico)
Passport: Collection of friends from around the world
Flash Cards with each "World Friend" favorite food, custom, tradition etc
Plushkies Interactive iPhone/iPad app –available in app store.

The brand's creative and sensitive approach towards helping international children is being recognized by the market as demand for Plushkies' toys is received from different sources: travel and cultural organizations, designer toy stores, educational facilities, personal gifts and children hospitals.

More information about the importance of providing international children with comfort and hope can be found here.
For further information on Plushkies and/or partnership/distribution opportunities in any country it is recommended to contact Mr. Ricardo Jimenez at +1. 919.452.5544,

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