One of the Oldest Football Rivalries in Florida Solves One of the Oldest Tailgate Party Problems

Winter Garden, FL, August 20, 2014 - It all started in the summer of 2011 when UF alumnus Daryll Parker took a day trip to the beach along with his family and friends. A normal event for a Florida family. However with such large crowd far too many people were crammed under a single 10x10 Tailgate tent at lunchtime. Daryll soon found himself facing an all too familiar problem. Holding a plate of food in one hand and a drink in the other, eating was proving problematic.

He was standing on the only level surface to set his drink – the beach. But his drink got kicked over each time he put it down. After the third time standing the drink back up, Daryll figured there had to be some kind of drink holder that would stick to or attach to the leg of the tailgate tent to hold his drink freeing a hand so he could enjoy his food. Surely such an apparently simple solution to this age-old problem existed and would be easy to find…so he thought!

Daryll searched extensively but none of what he found was designed to hold all the different types of drinks or containers like coozies or wine glasses. More importantly, none of them was designed to attach to a tailgate tent leg, or car, or anything metal for that matter. There it was! The collision of necessity and an idea! Daryll set out to solve a problem that had plagued tailgate parties for decades.

Working with parts and pieces he could find at stores and online, Daryll developed several crude prototypes. Eventually he settled on a design that worked for coozies, bottles, stemmed wines glasses (his wife's design input –thanks ladies), and coffee mugs with handles. He found a certain type of magnet that could hold up to 2.5 lbs of liquid and the container. He also wrapped the magnet so it wouldn't scuff the surface it was attached to but would still hold tight. He moved the design along enough to satisfy the requirements for a design patent. So what happened after that?

In 2012 Daryll held his annual Florida vs. Florida State football party and shrimp boil. He set up his yard just as he would his tailgate party on campus. FSU alum and family friend Bob Gravely attended the party and was about to enjoy the great food and a drink while watching the game with Daryll. Bob looked for a place to put his drink to enjoy his food but there was no flat surface that wasn't taken or covered with shrimp boil. Daryll noticed Bob's challenge and said he'd be right back. When he returned he revealed his drink holder invention, clicked it onto the leg of the tailgate tent, took Bob's drink and dropped it into the drink holder. Problem solved! Food enjoyed! Business born!

Thrilled at this simple, design patented solution; Bob found out that Daryll hadn't done much with the product other than use it personally. Bob was convinced that the product could be a huge success in the $20 billion per year tailgate market and a perfect fit for Crowdfunding to launch it. Then he convinced Daryll of it as well. Together in 2013 they formed Chomp-N-Chop Enterprises LLC (CnC) with a plan to use Crowdfunding as the pathway to raise the money needed to get the first magnetic drink holders produced and out in the market.

Since that fortunate tailgate party day (Florida won) the product has undergone several redesigns. The new design allows it to hold more types of containers including the popular insulated 24oz tumbler, bottled drinks, wine glasses and miscellaneous things like cell phones, keys, and tools. The latest design can hold up to two-and-one-half pounds. It offers four prominent branding and marketing spaces which make it an excellent marketing tool for businesses, teams, groups, or whoever wants to market to the $20 billion tailgating industry. New patents have been filed for the new design and are pending final decision.

CnC is actively searching for the perfect name for its product. In fact it has well over 200 product names listed. But a final name remains elusive. Currently the product is known under the project code Kickoff Kaddy which will be featured in their upcoming Crowdfunding effort. The team has managed to whittle the long list into a short list of six names including Kickoff Kaddy. But the guys felt it would be fun to invite anyone who wants to help chose the final name pick from the list of finalists.

So to do this they have posted a montage of images on their Facebook page and an app will run a Name Our Product contest before and during the crowdfund campaign. If readers would like to help pick the best name from a list of six, they simply visit and follow the directions to learn how they can vote. The winning name will be announced when the company's Crowdfunding campaign closes.

Anyone who votes for a new name or "Likes" the Facebook page will be alerted when the company's adds posts like a sneak peek to their crowdfund video and when the crowd funding campaign opens. They can also be added to the Crowdfunding list so they will be alerted to the opening of the campaign and where they can watch or participate in the crowd funding process.

Next on the to-do list to get their magnetic drink holder to market is raising capital via a crowdfunding campaign which will be launched on Kickstarter most likely this September. CnC is hoping to raise a minimum of $15,000 in funding through the campaign. They have decided to use a "rewards" type campaign where people can receive a reward made up of most likely a few of the holders and possible other merchandise. What they receive is dictated by the amount of money they contribute to the Kickstarter campaign. Reward details are being finalized and will be spelled out on the Crowdfunding Kickstarter site but the team expects the options to top out at $100. Resellers may have an option requiring greater funding but in return they will receive a sizeable amount of the product custom branded to their store. And they will have first rights to selling the product in their stores.

Funds raised will first go to fill the crowd fund rewards, complete the first production run and get the product into new markets. Depending on the level of funding the team expects they could ship the first Kaddys before the end of the 2014 NFL Playoff season.

A fun parity type video will anchor the crowd funding site. The video looks at a tailgate party before the Kickoff Kaddy was invented and after. Award winning Orlando based Gate 7 Creative Studios ( directed and produced the video over 10 hours of on-site shooting in the hot Florida summer. In addition to anchoring the crowd funding site, the video will be shared on YouTube with sneak peek snippets shared on Facebook.

The CnC partners agreed early on that they want the product to proudly wear the "Made in the USA" label as well as support their local community companies. They have selected ISO Certified Florida Custom Mold (FCM to build the needed tools and manufacture the product in their Odessa, FL factory. FCM will also provide finishing and packaging services as needed for order completion.

For more information about CnC or the Crowdfunding project interested readers can reach the company by visiting their Facebook page.

Press Contact:
Bob Gravely
2013 Clover View Way STE 1001A Winter Garden, FL 34787