One inventor asks: Do you need to carry a vault to protect your items this hot summer?

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, June 17, 2014 - How can thieves be stopped, when families are relaxing at the beach?

They can't take a vault to the beach, or can they?

Introducing, the ingenious, Beach Vault and the top ten reasons it can keep a family safer.

1. The beach vault provides a concealed, waterproof storage container for valuable items families bring to the beach, such as ereaders, cell phones, purses, money, or items that they want to keep safe from pickpockets, accidents, or elemental damages.
2. Ever see a tide sneak in and soaked a family's belongings? The beach vault provides waterproof solution to protect most precious valuables brought on a beach trip.
3. The beach vault is the perfect place to put car keys to prevent them accidentally falling into the sand.
4. The beach vault is concealed from view underneath a specialized towel that comes in the box. This towel has a pillow that acts like a door to conceal the beach vault and also provide an opening through the towel to retreive things.
5. The pillow tha tomes with the beach vault is perfectly shaped to give you the most relaxing time at the beach.
6. The specialized beach towel comes with 2 pockets for a phone or MP3 player.
7. The beach vault helps carry a towel, pillow, and beach vault in one hand.
8. The beach vault acts as an anchor and keeps your towel in place.
9. The beach vault is an affordable solution to so many issues to end most worries during a relaxing day at the beach.
10. The Beach Vault can be pre-ordered through Kickstarter,com and ships easily.

The Beach Vault simply provides a waterproof container to put your stuff in so that sun bathers can relax and not worry about pickpockets, accidents, or elemental damages.

Press Contact:
Mike Hayes
Crowdfunding Intelligence
San Francisco, CA