Next Generation MLS Listings Portal Client From NuHabitat Ready For Use By Real Estate Agents

AUSTIN, TX, October 17, 2014 - NuHabitat, a residential real estate application (and Capital Factory Incubator company) designed with ease of use in mind, has just released its personalized Agent Contact Widget. The new website offers a suite of enhanced solutions for real estate agents and brokerages, with features like client access to timely and accurate sales data that have made property search sites like Redfin popular with consumers.

NuHabitat and its new widget will appeal to real estate professionals by serving as not only a lead generation tool, allowing agents to market their own listings, but also as a client gateway or portal for agents and their clients, providing access to the complete MLS. Additionally, for the first time on a real estate website, both sellers’ agents and buyers’ agents will be able to list their contact information and get recognition for their half of a transaction on sold properties.

The new website and personalized marketing widget includes:
• Real-time, accurate MLS data only (no syndication)
• Doesn’t allow competing ads from other agents on a member agent’s listing page
• Routes all leads directly to the Listing Agent.
• Offers display of the Buyer’s Agent on sold properties in addition to the Listing Agent

The Agent Contact Widget has already caught fire in the Lone Star State, with 260 Central Texas-based agents signing up, and over 1,600 consumers as registered users.

NuHabitat’s goal as a SaaS application is to be a trusted third party provider of services to agents, giving them a choice if they want to provide an improved experience to their prospects and clients. In the future, NuHabitat will provide a private branded broker solution, allowing brokerages to share the MLS in its entirety with prospects and clients, which is ultimately what the consumer wants.

"We want to improve the value proposition that agents provide their clients," said Jeff Burke, NuHabitat CEO. "To accomplish this, we will work to provide agents with an alternative to the MLS backend system, known as Client Gateway or Client Portal. These are the systems provided by many associations to their subscribing members as part of their MLS software system, but frequently look and function like they are completely outdated"

The new widget is available for free and with no referral fee, unlike competitor sites Zillow and Trulia, which charge agents large advertising fees to be exclusively represented on their own listings and typically provide syndicated data.

"Redfin is considered by many to have the best technology platform in the industry but is only available to Redfin agents. It’s our goal to provide agents, brokers and consumers with a competing system. Think of us as the ‘Redfin for everyone else. Zillow and Trulia might be fine for browsing properties but if you’re working with a serious buyer, you need a platform like NuHabitat" explains Jeff Burke, NuHabitat CEO.

With its launch this past summer, NuHabitat has already created a new home search experience that maximizes access to MLS listings and leverages mobile services to offer the most up-to-date and comprehensive MLS information available to registered users, including "Historical Listing Prices", "Sold Data" and "Cumulative Days on Market," representing the real number of days a home has been for sale, not just the current MLS listing. Perhaps best of all, the site offers greater levels of transparency for home buyers and sellers and creates a collaborative environment that not only benefits consumers, but also benefits agents and brokers.

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About NuHabitat
NuHabitat is an Austin, TX-­--based residential real estate brokerage and technology provider designed with ease of use, speed and 100% data accuracy in mind, facilitating the search for a new home or investment property in Austin, Central Texas and Houston. The Austin start-up gives consumers the tools to make the most informed purchasing decisions possible by granting them access to real-time, local MLS data.

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