New Technologies For Eyelash Curling, Maintenance and Care

Weston, Florida, May 20, 2014 - After the AVON Eyelash Curler Recall reported by The Consumer Safety Commission, an engineering/manufacturing company in Florida has announced the development of a new technology as an answer to help eliminate injuries associated to this type of cosmetic devices.

Avon has recalled last week more than 500,000 eyelash curlers sold in the U.S. and Canada due to the risk for eye injury. For years multiple eye injuries have been associated with this type of devices, forcing manufacturers to be innovative and bring new technologies to the table.

One clear example is TWILASH, an eyelash enhancer that seeks the eye’s wellbeing by giving the user better pressure control to avoid eyelash breaking, pulling or eyelid pinching. This new technology also seems to not just outperform the conventional curlers by producing a more accentuated natural curl but also provides care features that did not exist. Features like removing mascara, avoiding premature aging of the skin and true curling instead of bending eyelashes.

The manufacturing company has launched a crowd funding camping on Indiegogo to support their effort in exposing the concept and new methods to the audience.

Press Contact:
Keni Urrechaga
1500 Weston Road Suite 221 Weston FL 33326