New Eyelash Enhancement and Care Technology is Using Crowdfunding to Increase Awareness

A new eyelash enhancement and care technology is designed to outperform conventional eyelash curlers, mascaras, and mascara remover products while eliminating the side effects. Conventional eyelash curlers are constantly associated with multiple eye injuries and unhealthy eyelashes. Also, removing mascara is one of the main causes for wrinkles, premature aging, irritation, infections, breakouts and clogged pores on skin areas around the eye. Weston, FL, June 04, 2014 - The conventional eyelash curler is aggressive and misuse may involve loss of eyelashes and/or eyelid trauma. This conventional tool even though is referenced as a curler, bends and not curls the eyelash in an effort to replicate an increased curvature. Due to the continued use and clamp action, it breaks and weakens the lashes. The eyelashes are comprised of keratin scales, which provide elasticity and flexibility. Drastically changing the anatomy of the lashes disrupts their natural growth and weakens them. The skin tissue around the eyes is extremely thin and fragile, so it's important to treat this wrinkle-prone area gently by avoiding unnecessary rubbing and tugging. These harmful actions come to play when removing mascara. This same process can really become excessive when removing water resistant and/or waterproof mascara. The rubbing, pulling and tugging of sensitive skin areas not only generate unnecessary wrinkles but also premature aging. Like if this was not enough, women may also experiment breakouts and clogged pores when combining the physical action with makeup remover agents. Women in general seek beauty and want to stay beautiful as long as they can. It seems that their prayers have been answered since a group of engineers and creative people in Florida (U.S.A) has come up with a product that is going to revolutionize the beauty industry, given that it not only enhances the appearance of the eyes but also avoids premature aging. The product that they named TWILASH is a must have for any woman who cares about her looks today and the day after tomorrow. It is an engineered beauty tool that seems to outperform previous enhancement and care solutions that will replace an entire arsenal of lash primping equipment. When it comes to beauty, TWILASH is the highest quality mascara, applicator/remover, curler and lash elongate all in one. When it comes to care, TWILASH effectively removes the toughest mascara without rubbing or tugging sensitive skin areas "It is the Swiss army knife of eyelash products. Say good-bye to panda and raccoon eyes. Avoid premature aging. All in one solution." quipped Keni Urrechaga, one of the engineers behind this product. As a curler, TWILASH works better than other products. It actually curls the eyelashes; not just bending them like other products do. This product provides a curling memory to the lashes that will allow these to stay radiant for hours without the need of touchups. TWILASH gives a true enhanced and natural look, providing a prolonged and uniform curl all along your eyelashes. TWILASH has an ergonomic design to work efficiently on your eyelashes regardless of the curvature of the eye or the contour of your face. It is also easy to control since it works with your hands' cognitive abilities. Unlike conventional curlers, TWILASH doesn't get sticky with mascara and it is easy to clean and maintain. Multiple eye infections and irritations are therefore eliminated. TWILASH has a compact design. You don't need to go for conventional mascara when you can bring the power of twilash and mascara under the same package. This means you will no longer have to carry curlers, combs, brushes and mascara separately. And the TWILASH brush is designed to give you optimal performance when it comes to mascara application and results. TWILASH is not just a BEAUTY product. It is a CARE product that removes mascara, does not damage your lashes and helps prevent premature aging. Beauty bloggers are already talking about this product and the ones that already had the chance to test it have totally validated the product's claims. Their founder and lead engineer, says TWILASH is a combination of engineering and beauty to develop real solutions for the active women. TWILASH goal was not just pursue beauty but to seek the user's wellbeing in every aspect. Why recommend, like others, to gently remove TACKY and STICKY mascara when you can simply eliminate the need for rubbing and tugging? The company has research the subject for almost a decade to develop this product and claims that most of the critical research has come directly from users sharing their experiences and problems through their twitter account @twilashzone and their Facebook page . The company encourages women to continue using these tools and be open to express their ideas and experiences that will help engineers come up with solutions to their problems. New tools and methods, regardless of the superiority to previous solutions, require education and exposure to the audience. A crowd funding campaign has been started to support the company with this effort. Details are available at Backers of this campaing will have the opportunity to be ther first to own this innovative product. There is a wide selection of rewards available, and all donations are welcome regardless of size. TWILASH will be initially launching this summer in the U.S.A. only. The good news is that TWILASH will ship internationally at a low rate. TWILASH advises that when placing an order, you need to ensure that this shipping option is available for your country, and you also need to find out whether your country has strict legislation against cosmetic imports. Products will available for purchase at Press Contact: Keni Urrechaga VP TWILASH LLC 1500 Weston Road Suite 221 Weston FL 33326 9546046404