Multiple Eye Injuries Have Triggered More Recalls for Cosmetic Devices

Weston, Florida, May 22, 2014 - A major brand has recalled last week more than 500,000 eyelash curlers sold in the U.S. and Canada due to the risk for eye injury. For years other eye injuries have been associated with this type of devices such as pulling eyelashes, breaking eyelashes and pinching eyelids. These devices are basically not forgiving when the user makes a manipulation error due to the mechanical clamping action. The need for better tools has motivated engineering companies to bring innovation and new technologies to the table.

One clear example is TWILASH, an eyelash enhancer that seeks the eye's wellbeing by giving the user better pressure control to avoid eyelash breaking, pulling or eyelid pinching. This new technology also seems to not just outperform the conventional curlers by producing a more accentuated natural curl but also provides care features that did not exist. Features like removing mascara, ergonomics, help avoiding premature aging of the skin and true curling instead of bending eyelashes.


Their founder and lead engineer, says TWILASH is a combination of engineering and beauty to develop real solutions for the active women. TWILASH goal was not just pursue beauty but to seek the user's wellbeing in every aspect. As a result, TWILASH is an innovative, practical and effective product to beautify, maintain and care eyelashes.

The company has research the subject for almost a decade to develop this product and claims that most of the critical research has come directly from users sharing their experiences and problems through their twitter account @twilashzone and their Facebook page . The company encourages women to continue to be open and use these tools to express their ideas and experiences that will help engineers come up with solutions to their problems.

New tools and methods, regardless of the superiority to previous solutions, require education and exposure to the audience. A crowd funding campaign has been started to support the company with this effort. Details are available at is a wide selection of rewards available, and all donations are welcome regardless of size.

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