MicroAd India Launches Market Research Website "India Consumer Insight" For Businesses Looking To Enter India's Consumer Market

Singapore, October 01, 2014 - MicroAd India Pte. Ltd., (Managing Director: Sasaki Makoto; hereinafter referred to as "MicroAd India"), a leading Online Advertising Platform company in India, has launched a website "India Consumer Insight" dedicated to deliver market research reports on Indian consumer buying behavior for companies that are looking to expand into India but are unfamiliar with the local market.

While India has been recognized as one of the largest potential consumer markets due to its population size, the new Indian government has made announcements concerning the relaxation of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) rules for its retail sector, drawing further interest from foreign companies to enter the market.


Nevertheless, gathering information on consumer buying behaviour is a substantial challenge for consumer product companies as the distribution channel in India is multi-layered. The retail base and country size are so large that increase the difficulty of understanding the local consumer market.

"The issue has prompted us to further utilize our expertise in market analysis and experience in digital marketing, to provide these companies with useful information and support for marketing planning," said Sasaki Makoto, Managing Director of MicroAd India. "We are devoted not only to being a helpful resource for businesses but also to contributing for the development of India's market, where we will continue to grow our business."

MicroAd India has published the first report in regard to "The Use of E-commerce by Indian Consumers". An online survey has been conducted with more than 1,700 Indian consumers, to understand their buying behavior online such as the purchase frequency, payment method, transaction amount and so on, through Reward Eagle, a point reward web service in India. The results show that 70% of the online consumers pay by Cash On Deliver (COD) method in order to check the actual products. For further details, please visit India Consumer Insight.

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