Media Guru Mike Hayes Showcases The Kickoff Kaddy Crowd Fund Campaign On Startups In Action

Winter Garden, FL, August 20, 2014 - The new world of crowd funding is still largely unknown to the average person. But recent blowout success stories have caught the attention of people everywhere. Zack Brown who just wanted $10 to make potato rose over $50,000 from 7,000 backers! Josh Malone's solution to quickly filling water balloons, called Bunch O Balloons, raised a whopping $915,000 in 60 days. That's 9154% of his original goal of just $10,000!

Executive Producer of the Crowd Success LIVEcast Mike Hayes believes that crowd funding may be the catalyst to return America as the leader in product development and invention. Mike's radio show about crowd funding success stories has been on the air for almost three years now and is expanding into an exciting new Web TV Action Series: StartUpsInAction; using an ongoing series of phone and Google Hangout video interviews about the successful activities of startups.

Chomp N Chop (CnC) began working with Mike this July in preparation for a September 2014 crowd fund campaign. The company's magnetic drink holder product, the Kickoff Kaddy, is an ideal product for crowd funding. The most successful crowd funding projects build momentum well before the campaign starts in the portal. The mission of Mike's Crowdfunding Intelligence Productions is producing broadcast programming promoting his client's specific projects to help build that momentum so that the project starts off strong and has the best possible chance to succeed. "What great human interest stories these campaigns make." said Hayes.

Mike's projects begin with what he calls a Video News Release (VNR), a 60 second news story about the Kickoff Kaddy and the Kickstarter crowd funding campaign. Once completed the VNR will be aired on a wide array of media outlets including StartUps In Action, online crowd funding magazine (, CrowdfundBeat's LIVE CROWDFUNDING TV and others. In addition the original VNRs and updated VNRs will be circulated to journalists through press releases, bloggers and radio and TV producers. Readers wishing to learn more about Mike Hayes, his Crowd Success LIVEcast and Crowdfunding Intelligence Productions can visit

To learn more about Chomp N Chop and the Kickoff Kaddy and their upcoming crowd fund campaign visit their Facebook page at CnC is using the name Kickoff Kaddy for the funding campaign and activity leading up to it. But the partners are inviting Facebook visitors to help determine if this will be the go-to-market name or not. Using an interactive voting app on their site visitors can choose from 5 names. Once at the Facebook site find the first post titled Get In On The Voting and follow the directions. The winning name will be announced at the conclusion of the crowd fund campaign. Visitors who would like to be alerted when the crowd funding campaign opens and find out what else the team is up to should make sure they "Like" the Facebook page.

Mike Hayes video can be watched directly in YouTube at the following link location

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