IroNova Completes Successful Crowdfunding Campaign for IRO the First Universal Smartband

Marseille, France, June 07, 2014 - Being able to know exactly how active you have been at all times has come a big step closer to possible thanks to IroNova recently, with their IRO product receiving the crowdfunding it needs to move forward. IRO is the world's first smartband, an innovative device that makes accurate tracking of your daily calorie expenditure simple, easy and fun.

"We're beyond excited about the level of interest in IRO," commented a spokesperson from IroNova. "This is clearly the right time and place for the world's first smartband. The tech savvy and people interested in being vibrantly healthy are on and the same and we are about to deliver the perfect product for them."

The Indiegogo campaign raised over $4,000 dollars total. The first IRO smartbands are expected to ship in September, 2014.

The advanced tech of the product will deliver a large number of quantifiable and actionable health benefits and is ideal for those attempting to lose weight, build their endurance, tweak their diet and otherwise make use of the many variables the IRO smartband can track.

Supporters of the crowdfunding campaign are very excited about the prospect of having IRO soon.

Jamie P., from Binghamton, New York said recently, "I try to support crowdfunding campaigns for smart tech and IRO is the one in the last year I'm most intrigued by. I can't wait to see it up close and in action."

Many observers expect the smartband to be a new popular product category once IRO hits the streets.

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