How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur by Following Two Principles

Edward Sobczewski, is a well-known entrepreneur who has earned his success in various fields. He was born in the USA in the early 1960’s. Edward Sobczewski success in the field of business would lead to a valuable volley of answers to any of the questions which potential students of business have in mind to ask.

Edward Sobczewski starts by saying that to be focused is to be successful. Any budding entrepreneur must be focused on the task at hand. It is repeatedly said in numerous management journals and articles how valuable it is to be focused. Eddy says that his life journey can be summarised by one word- being focused. When he joined the US marines, he made sure he was the best soldier in the field and that he earned commendations from his superiors and respect from his peers.

Furthermore, the life in the marines taught him about discipline explains Edward Sobczewski  . This is a very important aspect. When in business there are thousand things that one can get distracted from. Being in business is all about the notion of staying in for the long haul. You cannot afford to get distracted. A quintessential business man needs to be focused in order to get the job done and all the stakeholders satisfied. This is crucial if he wants repeat business. Additionally, on certain days the business could potentially hit rock bottom. In these circumstances the businessman needs to have a constitution of steel to wade through the bad times. It is in these times, that the strongest survive and the weak perish.

If the true student of business wants to become a successful businessman, he or she should take heed to follow these two important facets of business, being focused and disciplined says Edward Sobczewski. These are the golden rules for anyone in the profession. There are countless stories to back this notion. Remember the crisis of 2009, when the world erupted in financial doom and gloom. That year witnessed one of the world’s greatest financial crisis. Many legendary firms went out of business and out of history, such as the reputed Lehman Brothers. Only the tough survived especially in the financial sector. It was important for the firms in the financial sector to be focused and disciplined in that great hour of crisis. They couldn’t afford to lose focus as that could have meant getting distracted and losing business in their core areas. One such firm was Goldman Sachs, which during the crisis faced incredible hurdles as it faced funding shortages but it was able to keep its focus on the core business areas and therefore recover from the crisis. In later years it posted record profits and became one of the best performing banks in Wall Street.