Hospitals Leveraging Plushkies EDGE To Provide KIDS HOPE

Austin, TX, August 28, 2014 - Plushkies, the Austin (Texas) based educational and travel company who introduced plush toys in the shape of countries to "Raise Global Children", has just announced on their website their partnership with Dell Children's Medical Center with the intention of providing hope in kids during their stay and beyond.

When children leave home to spend time in a hospital they are often times confused as they are facing worrying uncertainty that can originate separation anxiety problems.


In an effort to alleviate these problems, hospital gift stores offer multiple kinds of products that are fun or cute to provide kids a safety blanket during their stay. Still their positive impact is limited because they don't offer kids a new possibility, something new to look forward to, "a new dream powerful enough that will replace the worries in their mind", says Ricardo Jimenez, Co-Founder and CEO of Plushkies.

"We know that hospital stays are never easy on the child and parents. Plushkies provide comfort, hope, and warmth to these kids during their stay. We want to distract kids in a nurturing way so they can use their time in hospital to make a new "friend", discover a new country and have a brand new experience to look forward to."

Plushkies currently has 4 models in Dell Children's Treehouse Gift Store –Katie from the US, Fabio from Italy, Mei Mei from China and Pepe from Mexico.

Where will kids go when they leave the medical center full of hope- Mexico, Italy or China perhaps? Or maybe travel across the US?

Visit here to read more about the importance of providing children comfort and hope when they are away from home.

For further information on Plushkies and potential partnerships with your hospital contact Mr. Ricardo Jimenez at +1. 919.452.5544,

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