The Global Children's Brand Unveils 7 New Countries

Austin, TX, May 28, 2014 - Plushkies LLC, the Austin (Texas) based travel and educational company who introduced plush toys in the shape of countries to "Raise Global Children", has announced today the release of 7 new designs for 7 new countries. Each of the 7 new countries was picked amongst the ~200 countries in the world for the most different reasons.

Spain is where the founders are from. France is biggest tourism destination in the world and a border country the founders extensively traveled before they were 10. Germany is home to the Nuremberg Toy Fair, which the company attended earlier this year with big success. Australia adds a new continent plus it's where Plushkies designer's wife comes from. All these countries are also attending the World Cup, this year's biggest international event in soccer –the sport that connects the world. To bring in South America and bring in World Cup soccer host, Brazil was also picked.

UAE and Saudi Arabia however were an unexpected request that came from distributors in these countries taking Plushkies toys and purpose to the Middle East.

Ricardo Jimenez, Co-Founder and CEO of Plushkies, confirms that their company's manufacturer is already informed and is ready to start production of the new designs as soon they finalize deciding on the right strategic distribution partners.

The company's expanding product line includes amongst other products:
4 Plushkies: Katie (USA), Fabio (Italy), Mei Mei (China) and Pepe (Mexico)
Passport: Collection of friends from around the world
Flash Cards
Plushkies Interactive iPhone/iPad app

The brand's creative and sensitive approach towards "Global Children's Company" is being recognized in the market as Plushkies' demand feeds from very different industries: travel and culture, designer toys, education, gifts and children's hospitals. Keep a watch on this company and how it's connecting the children of the world.

Visit here to read more about the importance of the company’s mission: "Raising Global Children" through play, education and imagination.

For further information on Plushkies and partnership/distribution opportunities in your country for the 7 new designs contact Mr. Ricardo Jimenez 919.452.5544 or visit

Press Contact:
Ricardo Jimenez
100 Great Hills Trl 826 78759 Austin, TX