Free Jigsaw Puzzles: 5000+ collection for Android

San Francisco, California, June 13, 2014 - The latest puzzle game release from Bandagames Jigsaw Puzzle: 5000+ brings virtual puzzle play to a whole new level with a variety of over 10,000 beautiful jigsaw puzzles. Everyone can download this Android app and immediately enjoy thousands of picture sets to play with instead of having to download dozens of different jigsaw puzzle apps to match their tastes. Flexible options allow to experiment with themes, levels of complexity and quantity of pieces. The app is available at the Google Play store.

Once users have downloaded the free app, they can easily select a puzzle from the pre-installed image collection set provided by the game and set their preferred cover-flow style and level of difficulty. Players can choose one of four difficulty levels starting off as a beginner with a 35-piece puzzle and work their way up to mastery with a 280 tiny puzzle pieces game. Moreover, now the puzzlers can also enjoy solving pictures created from their own photos, favorite images and pictures personalizing and enhancing their playing environment even further. Additionally, players can turn on the "Rotate pieces" option of the game for more of a challenge, go social and invite friends to compete in a tournament!


The Jigsaw Puzzles:5000+ app has an in-game store where puzzle lovers can find and download more than 200 puzzle theme collections. The app is being updated regularly to bring even more puzzles and interesting features ensuring that its players are constantly rewarded with an outstanding virtual jigsaw puzzle experience. Many of these puzzle collection sets are free and a simple tap allows to download them at no charge. In order to improve puzzle theme search, all puzzle packs are divided into categories. Among the top free packs available, puzzle enthusiasts will find images of brilliant nature, beautiful cities and countryside scenes, wild animals and funny pets. Even fans of great vehicles can be sure to find something they will love in these extraordinary puzzle image collection sets.

The Jigsaw Puzzles: 5000+ Android app from Bandagames is a great alternative to physical jigsaw puzzles. Players of any age can easily experience the fun and mental challenge that a jigsaw puzzle offers with this extraordinary virtual jigsaw puzzle app and its more than 10,000 high-definition jigsaws. Players that try the app are guaranteed to enjoy a fascinating and stimulating pastime.

The Jigsaw Puzzles: 5000+ Android app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store at

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