Facebook Allows Football Fans Name Innovative Crowdfunding Tailgate Party Dilemma's Solution

Winter Garden, FL, September 13, 2014 - Business partners Daryll Parker and Bob Gravely have been working over the past two years to bring Daryll's unique tailgate party drink holder to the tailgating market. The team is planning a September crowdfunding campaign to fund production and marketing. The two years have involved product design and redesign, researching and selecting manufacturers, calculating costs of production and shipping, filing corporation documents, establishing crowdfunding strategies and finding early distribution partners.

All along the way they worked tirelessly on finding the perfect name. They turned to friends, neighbors, family, and colleagues and even turned to professionals for help in finding that elusive perfect name. A name that says exactly what the product does using no more than three words. The result? They developed a long list of over 200 names. But the perfect name still didn't jump off the page. To give the team a way to indentify the product as something other than the "Drink Thing", they code named it "Kickoff Kaddy". Oddly enough that has stuck so far but they're not sure it is the perfect name.


Then they had an idea. Perhaps they could turn to social media to help solve the challenge. After doing some research the partners decided to run a Facebook contest and open the decision to anyone who wants to participate. "Facebook is by far the best social channel for us to create momentum going into our Kickstarter crowdfund campaign. When they relaxed their contest rules we knew that we could ask Facebook fans to help us choose the best name for our new product' commented CnC partner Bob Gravely.

But first a manageable list of names had to be developed. So through a series of filtering exercises (friends and family mainly) the team ended up with a list of 10 name finalists. This list was presented to the thirty people who helped with the crowdfund video project and they were asked to whittle the list down to a final five or six. They chose six - including project code name Kickoff Kaddy.

Using a free app called WuFoo on their Facebook page ( http://bit.ly/1oCARW2) they created a voting form that visitors can access by clicking on the Vote Now button on the page's main menu bar (next to Timeline). They can also click the red VOTE button in the apps window. Visitors can see a montage of the product if they read the first post on the Home page ( http://bit.ly/1wmRKvI ) so they can see the flexibility of the product. This may help them when making their choice.

Once visitors access the voting form they can leave their name and email address if they would like to be added to the company's mailing list to be the first to know about happenings and developments before everyone else. Otherwise this information isn't required to vote. They can simply click a button next one of the six names and click Press to Enter. And that's it!

The votes are tabulated in real time via the WuFoo back room. Updates will be posted on the Facebook site and via the companies Twitter channel ( http://bit.ly/1wmRJI1 ) at least every other day, if not daily. The contest will likely run through the crowdfund campaign so this unique group can participate as well. At the time this release is being written Kickoff Kaddy leads by a slim margin with Krazy Kaddy coming in last.

For more information about CnC or the Crowdfunding project readers can reach the company by email or by visiting their Facebook page.

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