DOTS911 Targets 100,000 Saved Lives Annually

San Jose, CA, April 04, 2014 - DOTS911, creators of the first and only unpowered mobile phone signal enhancer hardware and signal locator software, has set a target of saving 100,000 lives each year with their products, which are featured in their current Indigogo campaign. Facing a lack of published statistics on the annual number of people lost without a mobile signal, the company estimated the number of these incidents resulting in fatalities by extrapolating based on research published by Richard Cockle in The Oregonian.

Cockle's article cites Oregon state emergency management official Georges Kleinbaum in stating that:
Last year 1036 search and rescue missions were conducted in Oregon alone.
89 percent of the people sought in these missions are recovered alive.
8 percent of these victims die.
2 percent are never found.
Since 1997, 240 men and women been listed as missing in Oregon's wilderness and never found.

These numbers indicate that last year roughly 104 people died or were never found after being lost in Oregon. Since 1997, roughly 1200 people have lost their lives in the state's wilderness. DOTS911 conservatively extended these numbers through a simple extrapolation based on relative population totals to estimate that 5,000 lives are lost annually in the United States when people become lost in wilderness areas. With the optimistic assumption that the global rate is no worse than in the United States, the world loses 100,000 lives each year when search and rescue efforts fail in the wilderness. Assuming that global search and rescue success rates are as good as those in Oregon, this indicates that 1 million people are lost or stranded in the wilderness each year, with an annual cost to taxpayers of $1 billion.

The DOTS911 Signal Enhancer and Signal Finder App were designed with this problem in mind. According to Kleinbaum, it typically takes only a mile in the wilderness for victims to be lost. The DOTS911 App makes it nearly impossible for users to get lost, even in areas with no mobile phone signal. The Signal Enhancer enables calls deep in the wilderness where normally no usable mobile phone service is available. With these products, DOTS911 users will not be susceptible to being lost in the wilderness, and when they wish to make a call for help they will not only know where they are, but also where they can walk to make a phone call for help.

DOTS911 recently surpassed its initial funding targets in its Indiegogo campaign. Three models of Signal Enhancer and the signal locator app are available for purchase through the DOTS911 Indiegogo page.

DOTS911, Inc. is the world's first and only provider of unpowered mobile phone signal enhancer hardware and signal locator software. The company is located in San Jose, CA and is currently raising funds and selling products through the Indiegogo crowd-funding platform at Any other company and/or product names mentioned may be trade names, trademarks and/or registered trademarks of the respective owners.

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