Deer Antler Spray back in the Sports Media Headlines as Super Bowl Competition Heats Up

San Francisco, CA, December 22, 2014 - The media flap about the use of deer antler spray in the National Football League, started at the 2013 Super Bowl in New Orleans.

On January 30, 2013, USAToday reported this story.

NEW ORLEANS — Ray Lewis returned to Super Bowl media day with another controversy: allegations of cheating.

According to Sports Illustrated, the iconic Baltimore Ravens linebacker tried to obtain deer­antler velvet extract in an attempt to speed the healing for a torn triceps that sidelined him for more than half the season. Using the spray would be a violation of the NFL’s steroids policy.

Today the question remains, is deer antler spray a sports performance enhancer or just a media punch­line for Sports Illustrated about "Zues on deer antler spray?"

This week Sports Illustrated’s Patrick Walker wrote:
" There is no better way to describe the Dallas Cowboys after watching what happened in Philadelphia against the then equally 9­4 Eagles. This game wasn’t just huge, it was Zeus on deer antler spray."
Or Bleacher Report’s, Mike Tanier, NFL National Lead Writer who wrote this week Bleacher Report, Dec 13, 2014 "Jim Harbaugh, Greg Roman and Colin Kaepernick had all the answers during the final days of January 2013.

The 49ers were the toast of Super Bowl week, clear favorites over the drab-and­familiar Ravens. While the Ravens needed to spray themselves with deer antler spray to make themselves interesting."
Immediately following Super Bowl 47, ESPM eported that Hall of Fame glover Vijay Singh was in trouble with the PGA for his use of deer antler extract as well.

Hall of Fame golfer Vijay Singh said Wednesday he was unaware that a substance he was taking is banned by the PGA Tour.

Although he did not fail a drug test, Singh, 49, could face a suspension due to the PGA Tour’s anti-doping policy.

A few months later, Yahoo Sports reported the PGA lifted the ban on deer antler extract upon WADA’s(world anti doping association) determination.­now­what­­004821402.html

Sports media attention is revving on football, Super Bowl 49 approaching and the media question what will the NFL’s stance be on deer antler spray?
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