Crowdfunding Thought Leadership: CrowdFundBeat Introduces CrowdCaucus.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, June 10, 2014 - CrowdFundBeat Media International, a leader in crowdfunding news and expert views, introduced a new live webcast talk show, CrowdCaucus. The weekly show, hosted by Steve Cinelli, will bring a collection of industry executives, pundits, legal and finance experts, legislators, and thought leaders to discuss the current state of this growing industry, its opportunities and challenges, and what may be on the horizon in the months and years to come.

The goal of the show is to provide a provocative discourse, availing unique observations, challenges of conventional thinking, all in an effort to advance this burgeoning industry. Mr. Cinelli, a crowdfunding pioneer, is founder of PRIMARQ/REMARQ, and was a co-founder of OffRoad Capital in 1999, one of the first websites to deploy an online distributed finance strategy before the term "crowdfunding" had entered the internet lexicon.

According to Mr. Cinelli, "We hope CrowdCaucus will become one of the premier fora for those engaged in the industry, discussing what we as a collective can be and must do for improved capital access, while supporting best practices in investor interaction. The digitization of the private financing process in the wake of a ninety year old regulatory and analog framework creates enormous opportunities and certainly rethinking."

CrowdCaucus will be broadcast live on Sunday mornings, and be available on within each of CrowdFundBeat's geographic editions.

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