CrowdFund Beat Continues its Mission to Disseminate Crowdfunding Knowledge Internationally with its 2014 World Tour Conferences

Palo Alto, CA, March 27, 2014 - Since the beginning of the year, venture capitalist have continue to drive investment growth in the crowdfunding arena. Indiegogo received $40 million, Crowdtilt $23 million, and Teespring $20 million to name a few. But this is not a new trend: since crowdfunding platform Kickstarter launched back in 2009, funders have pledged over one billion dollars to support the projects hosted at the popular crowdfunding platform.

CrowdFund Beat, the leading online source for news, information, events and resources related to crowdfunding, continues with its mission to disseminated and promote crowdfunding knowledge both in the USA and internationally by means of its World Tour conferences dedicated to crowdfunding. The 2014 World Tour conference series starts with the Silicon Valley CrowdFund Conference on April 3rd and 4th in Palo Alto, CA and it features many of Silicon Valley's leaders and crowdfunding industry experts.

The conference will provide an opportunity to focus on the implementation of the JOBS Act: Tittle III on crowdfunding by capturing the public comments regarding this important piece of legislation to be filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) which President Obama called a "game-changer". Additionally, the conference will provide an expert assessment of crowdfunding in the US with a focus on entrepreneurs' experiences, and will share strategies to remove barriers that prevent small businesses from growing and hiring. Topics addressed by the experts will include real business examples of the role that crowdfunding plays in current fundraising and marketing strategies. Douglas Ellenoff, David Drake, Jason Best and Richard Swart are a sample of the conference's roster of outstanding experts.

Sydney Armani, Silicon Valley Crowdfund Ventures CEO and CrowdFundBeat publisher, and conference organizer, said "I am very excited about doing this Silicon Valley event. Since last year, the interest in the event has been growing. We have many leaders from Silicon Valley who signed up to attend."

The conference will introduce a new major media disruptor strategy, which uses major media to explain to broadcast executives why supporting crowdfunding with programming, publicity and advertising creates a new market segment with money to buy their advertising and services. Live coverage of the full conference will be covered by the CrowdfundBeat Radio Group, which is hosted by Crowdfunding Intelligence's correspondent Mike Hayes, and it will air on 500+ broadcast AM Radio Stations during the morning drive time to create crowdfunding awareness within its popular show "The Hot Perks and Hot Picks of Crowdfunding" which is heard weekly by millions of Americans. Additionally, Mike's stories air on Sirius XM and Armed Forces Radio worldwide. Every show is promoted as well via international multi-media press releases using Global Communications Leader service platform. Crowdfunding projects interested to be featured in the coverage of the event will be able to contact Mike Hayes who will be conducting interviews at the conference starting April 3rd and at future conferences that are part of CrowdFund Beat's 2014 World Tour Crowdfund conference series as well.

The next international series of crowdfunding conferences that are part of CrowdFund Beat's 2014 World Tour include the Crowdfunding USA conference at Atlanta in May 1st and 2nd 2014, the Canadian CrowdFunding 2014 Conference in May 8th 2014, and the Euro Summit Crowdfunding for May 21st 2014 in Paris.

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