launches new crowdfunding platform to give Reality TV producers like Richard Baron the spotlight to fund his dreams!

San Francisco, CA, January 07, 2015 - Traditionally, while independent film has an alternative means of distribution and profit, television has been kept under lock and key, with many gatekeepers along the way, preventing truly independent television from ever flourishing. That’s about to change.

Learn More:, the niche crowdfunding platform, created by award winning producer Adryenn Ashley, offers show creators three ways to fund their show, through a system designed to reveal the reach of new shows, and to incite competition for the opportunity to sponsor or air each show.

As Ashley explains, "Over the past year we have developed relationships with over 200 brands and in discussing sponsorship needs and wants, one topic kept repeating – they wanted to know, to quantify, the social reach potential. For every new show, that’s always going to be just a best guess. Until now." With algorithmic triggers that alert pre-screened and "vetted" sponsors, the site interacts with and introduces show-specific sponsors even before the funding cycle is complete.

Using a factor called Social Currency, tied to proprietary back end tools, can calculate the reach and value to a sponsor and the demographic most interested in a show. This feature encourages sponsors to take action and secure their position with the show to leverage the social currency the show has built and gives potential sponsors the certainty they are looking for when choosing where to invest their marketing dollars, while leaving creative control in the hands of the show creators.

Less than a week old, has already attracted shows from all over the country and across .

The Sifu: Kung Fu Redemption TV Show takes viewers on an epic journey into the Way of Kung Fu. The powerful drama and explosive action will entertain viewers as they watch initiates to Kung Fu struggle to adapt to the challenges of Kung Fu Redemption.

At the Kung Fu Temple, the Sifu and his excellent staff of instructors guide our guests to have a transcendent experience - transforming them into more balanced human beings; their empowerment transforms the world around them. People come to learn Kung Fu for a variety of reasons: they want to learn self-defense, or find that combat via martial arts is great fun. But others have serious problems they are dealing with – drug addiction, a feeling of purposelessness, or, as is the case in the first episode of this series, a returning soldier having trouble with anger and getting back into civilian life. Our second episode features a business man struggling to improve his health and his life balance, and elite scientist searching for the next level of empowerment.

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With a keen eye for bringing shows to life that would otherwise be shelved, is ripe to become the foremost destination for niche content discovery. is indeed an evidence of the times. Social voting until now has been interruptive, or a picture within a picture for TV. An after thought. A thirty minute reel after a show runs. "We are putting the value Social Currency front and center. This is the new power in entertainment. both helps protect the creator with their creation, giving direct access - and helps protect a sponsor or distributor with their pre-valuation of a show, reducing risk."

And from veteran Radio and TV Crowdfunding Expert Mike Hayes (@Startupsinaction , @Crowdsuccess) "This changes everything! is a smart, innovative funding model that finally has found that magic in leveraging real social campaigning. Unique to this model created by the media marvel Adryenn Ashley ( - people are able to create social campaigns that not only support the show, bring visitors, and donors - but it adds that critical piece of voting with your Social Currency – removes the historic blocks to funding."

And industry leaders have noticed. Across the pond in the UK, Carlo Cocuzzi, UK Business Growth Strategist was the first to suggest a UK version of the site, " is an absolute game changer."

Press Contact:
Mike Hayes
Crowd Success
San Francisco, CA