Can the Media plus Crowdfunding be the combination that revitalizes the US Economy and the World's too?

According to Peabody Award Winning documentary director, Mike Hayes, it can. Hayes has just finished work on the first part of a three part documentary named Crowdfunding Intelligence ( see San Francisco, CA, June 05, 2014 - Here are the Top Seven ways that can happen (and a demonstration) from a broadcaster who has spent his career working in brand name media such as NBC, CNN, ABC and now claims to have interviewed more crowdfunding campaigners across all portals, and in all verticals around the world than any other human on Earth, and now reports for The Media combined with Crowdfunding can bring us out of The Great Recession just as the advent of mass media in the 1930’s brought us out of The Great Depression. The big brand name media companies are struggling financially today, in this economy, and in the digital age, and is in need of new innovative ways to monetize its digital content; and crowdfunding provides an answer. Crowdfunding has become a misnomer because there is so much more to crowdfunding than just the funding. Media exposure equals funding in crowdfunding. PERIOD. Stories that big brand media companies post on their websites, still need to be “optimized” by them to have any significant audience. Today campaigners can now optimize their own stories. So the more digital stories that big brand name media companies post about crowdfunding campaigners on their websites, the more crowdfunding startups are successful, the more potential advertisers the media companies are creating for themselves. ION Glasses offers a good example of an innovative company developing a new product with money donated by supporter/backers and soon may become a media advertiser for their market expansion needs. See a demonstration of ION Glasses: Interested readers can contact awarded documentary director Mike Hayes directly at 415-781-9296, or visiting Press Contact: Mike Hayes Crowdfunding Intelligence San Francisco, CA 415-781-9296