Aarkstore - India PC Monitor Market Tracker, CY Q42013

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With growing enterprise and SMB segments, the demand for PC monitor is increasing in Indian market. Though, Indian market is not growing as per the expectation of the vendors, but is still out performing several developed economies. According to 6Wresearch, "India PC Monitor Market" shipments reached 0.85 million units in CY Q4 2013. Amongst all players, Acer led the market followed by HP and Samsung. The dominance of Acer was on account of its growing 18.5 inch PC monitor market. In CY Q4 2013, PC monitors with 18.5 inch display captured major share of pie, contributing for 39% of the total shipments.

Key features of the report:
Total PC Monitor shipment in India
Market share by various players in various segments and specifications
Market by Pc Monitor type
Shipments by market players
Model wise shipments by each company
Price of each model
Specifications covering
• Size
• Backlight
• Resolution
• Connectivity
• Weight
• Contrast Ratio
• Brightness
• No. of Colors
• Aspect Ratio
• Horizontal Viewing Angle
• Vertical Viewing Angle
• Response Time
• Pixel Pitch
• Color Gamut

Table of Contents:

1. India PC Monitor Market
2. PC Monitor by Price
3. PC Monitor Market By Specifications
o Size
o Backlight
o Resolution
o Connectivity
o Weight
o Contrast Ratio
o Brightness
o No. of Colors
o Aspect Ratio
o Horizontal Viewing Angle
o Vertical Viewing Angle
o Response Time
o Pixel Pitch
o Color Gamut
4. Market Share Of the Companies:
o Overall Market Share
o Market share By Specifications
5. Companies Covered in this dataset
o Acer
o Adcom
o Aoc
o Asus
o Benq
o Catchview
o Champion
o Dell
o Elo Touch Solutions
o Epro
o Frontech
o Gateway
o Hewlett Packard
o Iball
o Keetouch
o Lappymaster
o Lenovo
o LG
o Marshall Electronics
o Nec
o Pelco
o Planar
o Samsung
o Sharp
o Viewsonic
o X-Power
o Zebronics
o Zinx, etc.
6. Series Covered in this excel sheet: CY Q42013 data
o PC Monitor unit shipments by players
o Type of PC Monitor
o Model wise unit shipments
o Price band
o Specifications

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