Online Bingo Guide: The Basics


In 1996 new technology allowed many industries to move their services online. The gambling industry was one of them and this along with so many others, flourished when doing so. Gambling actually benefited immensely and now in 2020, it is still reaping the rewards of moving major gambling brands and gambling games onto the Internet.

Revenue is at an all time high and so is the number of people gambling. The major winner is slots, but bingo has also boomed online as well. Bingo has been a major online force since 2003 and the introduction of mobile bingo sites has boosted bingo further still. Now people can play bingo on the go whilst out and about and they are no longer restricted to playing on desktop and laptop computers for the full UK bingo experience.

Online Bingo 

Bingo online is obviously not the same as visiting a bingo hall. There are advantages and disadvantages to online bingo, but for the most part, its accessibility has meant that it is far more popular than land-based bingo. The choice of games is wider online and there are many different forms of the game. Some are especially suited to the internet, because they are fast and many sessions can be fitted into a 24 hour period. Online bingo is available 24/7 and it is up to you if you want a quick 30-ball game or have more time to enjoy 90-ball bingo. Buying tickets is easy and the games play out automatically, whether you choose to remain online or not. Any winnings are paid into your bingo account. 

The disadvantages are that you lose a night out and some of the social element. To compensate, online bingo sites operate chatrooms where players can get to know each other. Another disadvantage is that you could fall foul of unscrupulous practices if you choose to join a bingo site that is not licensed and registered by the UK Gambling Commission. This should be the first thing to look for before joining a bingo site. Then you can read reviews or visit forums before you choose the bingo site to play at. 

Bingo Games 

As already mentioned there is a large choice of bingo games to choose from but the most common is 80-ball bingo. It has been especially designed for online platforms and is the most popular form of bingo on the internet. 80-ball bingo uses a 4x4 card and winning patterns include single numbers, 4 corner number match ups, horizontal lines and vertical lines. Exclusive to online bingo is the new Slingo. This is basically a slots/bingo hybrid that offers the best of both slots and bingo all in one game. 

Final Thoughts 

Online bingo is very easy to play because all you have to do is buy the tickets. Computer software matches up and marks your cards from then on. The choice of games cannot be beaten online and all budgets are catered for. Online bingo is available 24/7 and can be played at home or on the go and it is this practicality that gives it an edge over land-based bingo venues.