Are millennials changing bingo?


Bingo really is a fascinating game, in fact, out of any other gambling-esque game available these days bingo really does stick out like a sore thumb. People don’t even know how to class it: is it a gambling game? Is it an educational tool? Is it a harmless piece of fun for old people? It’s difficult to answer that question adequately, and that’s because in many ways bingo is simply a mix of all 3! 

Oh yes, throughout bingo’s long and winding history it has been used for a variety of different things, and it also has never really been something that casinos actually had an interest in. Their loss, however, because bingo is rapidly becoming one of the most played games in the world, especially due to the recent innovations concerning online bingo at bingoidol. But here’s the thing: some people are getting scared that millennials are changing bingo to suit them in the 21st century. Let’s take a better look at the topic and see… 

Classic bingo 

Bingo has been played for hundreds and hundreds of years, which means that there are loads of very solid things that make up a classic game of bingo. From simple bingo etiquette, all the way through to different bingo number calls, there is a very set way of doing things whilst playing bingo, hence why some people are upset. 

One of the main areas where this is true is with classic bingo calls. Things like “two fat ladies” are an essential part of bingo for older players, but are they seeing them come under threat? 

A new set of bingo calls 

It’s difficult to know whether the topic is being overstated by the media, however there are growing calls from some younger people to revolutionise the language used in classic bingo, in order to make it more “woke”. 

This is why some people are proposing a new set of bingo calls in order to make them a bit less insulting for certain members of society. So, “two fat ladies” is now “two plus-size women” or “Will and Kate”, “time for tea” is “gluten free”, and the list goes on. It remains to be seen whether enough millennials actually care enough to make this the new standard list of bingo calls, however only time will tell. 

Bingo club nights 

Another more commonly seen way that millenials are changing bingo is through the popularisation of bingo club nights, a new and exciting way for young people to get involved in playing bingo. These huge bingo games take place in nightclubs, and alongside classic bingo there are dance-offs and other funny games. 

Bingo club nights only started to appear about a decade ago, however they have already become nationwide favourites in the UK, with some bingo club nights selling out several months in advance, it’s crazy. 

The increased presence of online bingo 

Online bingo has been rapidly expanding over the last two decades, and one of the key reasons for this is the influx of millenials playing bingo online with their friends.