Circular Saw Blades

freud is the biggest manufacturer of industrial circular saw blades in the world. At freud we continuously invest in the finest materials and sophisticated technologies, to produce premium circular saw blades that deliver flawless results and long-term performance. The cutting edges of freud circular saw blades are made in TiCo, a specially formulated, highly compact Titanium Cobalt Carbide, engineered and manufactured in-house in our plant in Italy. Special Tungsten Carbide (HW) grades are mixed based on application needs to deliver outstanding performance.


freud circular saw blades offer flawless results, higher precision and longer lifetime. Our range of premium blades covers and extensive set of applications: Multiripping saw blades for solid wood, processing on multiripping machines, molders and cleaving machines. Saw blades for solid wood for table and circular saws, portable machines, single or double-head miter saws, multiripping, panel-sizing and horizontal panel sizing machines. Saw blades for cutting composite materials such as laminated and bilaminated wood, chipboard, MDF. Saw blades for cutting plastic materials and plexiglass, including highly performing blades on solid surfaces, laminated and bilaminated panels. Saw blades for cutting non ferrous metals with unique coating and tooth geometry to help expelling the aluminum chips directly from the gullets, as well as performing superior cuts on bilaminated, chipboard, MDF, plywood, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, aluminum, plexiglass and plastic materials. Saw blades for cutting ferrous metals, iron profiles, drawn products, mild and soft steel, copper, tubes, tubing as well as angles. As experts in the cutting tool industry, we produce circular saw blades suitable for a wide variety of machines including: squaring machines, vertical panel saws, beam saws, panel sizing centers, tenoning machines, combined machines, single or double head aluminum, PVC cutting machines, low power miter saws for ferrous materials, portable machines, miter saws, multiripping saws and radial arm saws. freud partners benefit of the wide variety of diameters, number of teeth, designs as well as hook angle or rakers. Check out the complete range of precision products and choose the blade to optimize your manufacturing performance: freud, your partner in productivity.