Sliced Rye market Size Future Growth, Demands and Projected Industry Growths to 2026


Sliced rye is the loaf of bread that is made with various proportion of rye flour and is then sliced. The sliced rye is prepared from the rye flour but there are four different types based on what part of the rye flour is used. The dark sliced rye uses the rye flour along with the bits of bran and germ whereas the light sliced rye uses only the powder. Marble sliced rye is made using both types, light and dark dough. Pumpernickel sliced rye is prepared using coarsely-ground whole rye berries. The sliced rye is either cut into thick slices and thin slices based on the various applications of the sliced rye. Also, there is availability of single slice packaging in the market.

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Rye flour that is used in the preparation of the sliced rye is a more preferred sliced bread especially in the European and the North American regions. Even though wheat bread is used termed healthy, the use of sliced rye is increasing because of its nutritional content. The fiber content in the sliced rye is higher than other breads and the fat content is low. Also, the gluten present in the slice rye is different than the wheat gluten and is good for health. This is especially beneficial for people suffering from celiac disease. The rye bread is also known to have a much lower glycemic index than the ordinary flour which is beneficial for the consumers suffering from diabetes and want to keep their blood glucose in control.

Sliced Rye: Market Segmentation

The global sliced rye market is segmented on the basis of source, product type, packaging and distribution channel.

On the basis of ingredient, the global sliced rye market is segmented into –

  • Dark Rye
  • Light Rye
  • Pumpernickel
  • Marbled Rye

On the basis of product type, the global sliced rye market is segmented into –

  • Thick Slice
  • Thin Slice

On the basis of packaging, the global sliced rye market is segmented into –

  • Single Slice
  • Whole Loaf

On the basis of distribution channel, the global sliced rye market is segmented into –

  • Supermarkets/Hypermarkets
  • Traditional Grocery Stores
  • Modern Grocery Stores
  • Specialty Stores
  • e-Retail

Sliced Rye Market: Key Players

Some of the leading players of global disodium EDTA market include Rubschlager Baking Corp., Truckee Sourdough Company, S. Rosen’s Baking Company, Canada Bread Company Ltd., Izzio Artisan Bakery, Jorwekar Baking Company, Larder Baking Company, Klosterman Baking Co. Ltd., ABF Grain Products Ltd., Alpha Baking Co. Inc.

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The sliced rye is mainly used in the European countries as the bakery products are more popular in this region. North America also has a high market for slice rye. Especially the single slice packaging of the sliced rye is popular in North America. The Asia and the Middle East regions have a more demand for the wheat bread than the sliced rye as the consumers are not aware about the benefits of the sliced rye. But the health-conscious population of Asia is higher and in the upcoming years, the sliced rye is expected to gain popularity in this region.

Sliced Rye: Market Opportunities

Due to people becoming more aware of the benefits of the sliced rye, the demand is expected to increase. But the commercial manufacturing of the sliced rye globally is less and thus the new players emerging in the market have a blank space. The opportunity for emerging players is higher in the Asia Pacific region as there are not many manufacturers that manufacture sliced rye. There are bakeries producing the sliced rye so the commercial production at a global scale can be carried out. The single slice packaging is also very popular among the consumers.