The Italian leather upholstery and furnishing company Natuzzi plans to open its first interactive high-tech shop on Madison Avenue in New York. The shop will include a combination of technological applications such as virtual and augmented reality, a holographic display, advanced 3D modeling and an interactive product configurator.

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Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms in the world and there are many ways that you can create your own custom design that helps you stand out from the crowd and guide visitors to make a purchase for the items they want. Shopify is a great platform for people who are just getting started in the eCommerce space because of how simple the platform is to use and how quick and easy it is to get a custom website created.

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As photographs have always played a major role in our life, having quality family photos can bring great result for you. These are the photos which you can watch for a long time in your life and memorize those family members who are not with you right now. There are family members who are too old and they may not be there with you after some months or years. So, for a family photo shoot there is no hard and fast rules as far as the timing is concerned. If you are still not ... Read more

Regardless of the type of marketing strategy you choose, telling stories through marketing can help marketers capture the imagination and minds of their potential consumers? Traditional marketing works with traditional mediums such as radio, TV, and print media while content marketing relies on mediums such as social media, blogs, videos, and other online marketing strategies.

The intention of content management is the same as traditional marketing strategies, while traditional ... Read more

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Number of apps available in leading app stores as of 1st quarter 2019 is given below in this research.

It shows right now there are about 2.1 million apps available on Google Play Store and 1.8 million apps on the Apple App Store for the users to choose from. The number of apps is steadily growing on both of the app stores and offering users enormous choices to download and use an app for any particular task. ... Read more

In present days many of us using online shopping portals to buy all the things which are required in our daily life. In this modern era, everything is interlinked with technology, it helps everyone to live better. Online shopping is one of the most beneficial to all because of most number of people showing their interest to shop from home and office only. There are many numbers of websites which offers coupons, coupon codes, deals, and promo codes. Among ... Read more

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In present days many of us using online shopping portals to buy all the things which are required in our daily life. In this modern era, everything is interlinked with technology, it helps everyone to live better. Online shopping is one of the most beneficial to all because of most number of people showing their interest to shop from home and office only. There are many numbers of websites which offers coupons, coupon codes, deals, and promo codes. Among all these websites ... Read more

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Before sitting down at the table to participate, you have to read some online casino guidelines. These easy tips will assist you to make profit and growth, and save your money! The first and obvious tip is to start playing casino games when you understand them completely! Never jump into a casino game if you understand nothing about it. You must have minimum knowledge about the basic rules and guidelines of that game you are going to participate.

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Having an evoking mobile application onboarding experience is so crucial in this current technological era because a great user onboarding not only reduces abandonment rates, but it also helps you to promote long term success metrics in user retentions and user lifetime value. So, to boost retention, your mobile application development needs to be cutting edge and offer a seamless user ... Read more

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